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Meet The Stars Of The Final Episode Of Olympics Docuseries

April 6, 2022

Two Canadian athletes who competed in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, figure skating pair Laurence Fournier-Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorensen, are featured in the Olympics Docuseries, On Edge. Check out our interview below. —Noa Nichol

Congrats on being featured in the Olympics Docuseries, On Edge. What’s the show about, and how do you figure (skate) in it?

Nikolaj: On Edge showcases the friendships we have with our training mates and competitors. I think the human relationships that we come out with from the whole experience of our competitive career is something way greater and sets us up for life. We were really happy to have the opportunity to show what goes on behind the scenes in our training camp, to give some insight to what we do every day. With all our friends and our coaches, I think it’s a very special environment. I remember suggesting that we should do something similar a couple of years before, because we were wondering how can we draw more attention to the skating world—something I feel it really deserved.

Laurence: Figure skating is such a sport where the majority of people only see it for a few minutes, when they see the program in competition. They don’t see the background of everything the sport involves, the training, the relationship with the coaches, relationships with teammates. I think it’s such a good opportunity to showcase what’s happening behind the scenes, and we were really happy to be part of that project.

What was participating in this ice dancing documentary series like? Please tell us about your experience being filmed in a reality-show format by the Keeping Up with The Kardashians producers!

Nikolaj: It came really naturally. What was really special, and made it even easier, was that the crew were really nice to work with, and so they made us feel comfortable. We were happy to share our personal lives as we knew that it would be part of it and we wanted to show all of it and not just the stuff that people see anyway.

Laurence: We started filming right at the beginning of the season, when we are at the very early stages of executing a program. We were putting pressure on ourselves knowing that, oh, those first run-throughs and those first elements, were going to be filmed. This was actually nice because it brought the level of performance a little bit higher.

What’s next for the two of you?

Laurence: We are due for a big break! We are staying here in France with our families, so we are really enjoying some time together.

Nikolaj: Then we are going to Denmark to surprise my parents! We are using the summer to really press the reset button, take it slow and have some downtime and just see how it goes.


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