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April 7, 2022

Vancouver-based all-natural air care brand vitruvi, known for its innovative home scenting solutions including beautiful diffusers and natural essential oil blends, is launching its first-ever signature scent, Legacy Blend, as part of a thoughtful head-to-toe rebrand. We spoke with co-founder and CEO Sara Panton to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Hi Sara! Can you tell us what this rebrand will entail and what it means for one of our fave air customization companies?

This rebrand is an evolution of the vitruvi identity and our official entry into the air care industry. With this rebrand comes a whole new, cohesive look and feel to the vitruvi brand, an exciting introduction of signature products, and an innovative new approach to natural home scenting and air care. Our new branding aims to tell a visual scent story. We added sensorial elements to the entire collection through texture, colour and aroma.

Why the rebrand? Why now? What sort of feedback from customers helped you make this decision?

We saw a unique opportunity to reinvent the air care industry. When it comes to conventional home scenting, the only options on the market aim to mask or remove odour, making the air in our homes feel heavier. We believe the air in our homes should make us feel lighter and should say something about you. At vitruvi, we are inspired by our community and they continuously inform everything we do: from the diffuser colors we create to the brands we partner with. We recognize that scent preferences are personal and it can be challenging to identify the right aroma for your home. We’ve created a unique design system that uses colour gradients to bring aromas to life. This new system visually conveys the scent and feel of the aroma and will help customers navigate our products visually online and in store. For instance, if you are drawn to refreshing herbal blends, you’ll look out for our blends that fall within our green gradient.

You’re also launching your first-ever signature scent, Legacy Blend; what’s this one like, and what’s your personal connection to it?

Legacy is luxurious, complex, comforting, and timeless; it’s my favourite scent for creating a grounding and inviting space. I have been diffusing this combination of oils in my living room for so long and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with our community.

What other newness can we expect from vitruvi in the near future?

In 2022, we are debuting three new air care categories and will continue to create quality home scenting products that are beautiful, natural, and effortless.

As we head into spring/summer, what are your top essential oil suggestions for our home and health?

When I think about spring and summer, I think of fresh, energizing, and light aromas. Our Boost Blend is the perfect mix of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Juniper and Lime—it’s inspired by fresh citrus and the feeling of sun on your skin. Our Retreat Blend is also ideal for ushering in summer. With top notes of Grapefruit and Palmarosa and a bottom note of Eucalyptus, it smells like a vacation, bottled.

Final, personal question: what scent are you currently diffusing in your space?

I have constantly been diffusing our new Legacy Blend—it’s my favourite and has been for years.



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