This Interactive Easter Egg Lookout Is A Special One

April 7, 2022

This Easter, Canadian chocolatier Purdys is crafting joyful memories for the children at Vancouver’s Lions Gate Hospital with an interactive Easter egg hunt. Purdys believes that kids everywhere should be able to experience childhood moments—even when they’re away from home. We chatted with Purdys content and marketing manager Julia Cho to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Please tell us about the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt that Purdys is facilitating for the children at Lions Gate Hospital.

We often hear about how kids who spend time in the hospital miss out on childhood moments. We wanted to give them one of those moments back with the Easter Egg Lookout. We worked together with the local community and the team at Lion’s Gate Hospital to “hide” 12 giant 2D Easter eggs on hospital grounds. We even hid one on a construction crane and another on the balcony of a neighbouring residential building! The Easter eggs were installed in early March and will remain up for all of Easter long weekend. And of course, the Lion’s Gate Hospital staff also received plenty of Easter chocolates so that they could join in on the Easter festivities.

What makes the hunt “interactive”?

From early March to throughout Easter weekend, any child staying in the children’s ward at Lion’s Gate Hospital will receive a special kit with a pair of kid-sized binoculars, a Purdys chocolate Barnaby Bunny and milk chocolate Foiled Eggs. We included an illustration to show the kids what the hidden eggs look like, but it’s up to them to spot the eggs that are hidden all over hospital grounds, the neighbouring buildings and construction site. We set up the Easter Egg Lookout so that kids can find different eggs depending on which hospital window of the children’s ward they’re looking out from! For each egg they spot, they’ll receive a real Purdys chocolate egg (and more!).

Who will be participating in the hunt? How will it unfold?

The Easter eggs were installed on March 8, and we provided the Lion’s Gate Hospital team with enough kits and chocolate so that any child staying in the children’s ward from early March to Easter weekend can enjoy the Easter Egg Lookout. The Lion’s Gate Hospital staff are handing out the kits to any children and parents who are interested in joining in on the fun. The kids shown in our Purdys Easter Egg Lookout video are just a handful of children who’ll be able to participate in the Easter Egg Lookout. We hope it helps bring kids and their families a moment of Easter joy as they’re in the hospital.

There’s also a significant donation being made by Purdys to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. Can you tell us about that?

We’re making a $20,000 donation through our philanthropic initiative, Purple Partnerships, to Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation to support life-enhancing and life-saving care.

Why is it important for Purdys to give back to sick kids and the community in this and other ways?

Purdys has a longstanding history of giving back to the community and supporting causes that are important to our employees and our customers. We’ve donated over $440,000 to children’s hospital foundations across Canada with the help of our Purdys community since 2019. Children’s health and well-being will always be an important focus for Purdys, and we’re delighted to support Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation this Easter.

Final, tough question: what’s your very favourite Purdys Easter treat?!

This is a tough question! I’m a big fan of our Peanut Butter Eggs, and they’re only available during Easter-time. If you love peanut butter, I highly recommend treating yourself to the Peanut Butter Egg.


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