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3 Benefits Of Creating A Morning Routine

April 21, 2022

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could jump out of bed every morning, ready to conquer the day filled with more energy and productivity, while reducing stress and minimizing any chaos that comes your way? Getting into an effective morning routine will help to do just that. Creating a morning routine with a set of habits or motions to go through when you wake up is key. It doesn’t need to be a glamorous list of IG-worthy steps and is definitely not a one-fits-all approach. Your routine could include things like going for a walk, stretching, journaling, avoiding screen time, reviewing your task lists and so on. Though, a morning routine will look different for everyone, one necessary aspect will be the same—consistency. Making a habit of your morning routine every day is essential to experience both the positive and productive outcomes. Here are some of the benefits we find to having a morning routine. —Angela Valentini

set your day up for success. With a morning routine comes clarity for the day ahead. When you take a moment to be present without distractions, and focus on what tasks are at hand for the day, you’ll be more aware and receptive of how to productively tackle your day versus jumping into incoming emails, outstanding deliverables and urgent deadlines. Simply writing down, or spending a few minutes running through your day will ultimately set your day up for success.

improve focus & organization. Reducing screen time, going for a walk, journaling or reviewing your daily/weekly schedule each morning on a consistent basis will allow room for increased focus and organization throughout your day. Taking the time to implement these morning habits will help develop a proactive mind-set and keep the rest of your day organized while letting you prioritize important goals.

watch your productivity soar. It’s no surprise that having a morning routine is linked to increased productivity. Think of it like a domino effect—where having two or three productive activities behind you before starting your work day will ignite and fuel your motivation to tackle your tasks for the day ahead. Having a consistent routine will help you to build structure not only in the morning, but throughout the day (and as a result, in life) by building momentum and feeling in control of incoming tasks.

Angela Valentini is founder and director of Valentini Group, a boutique social media agency in Toronto specializing in developing and executing effective social media strategies for brands that are ready to elevate their online presence.


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