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Vicki’s Spring Beauty Picks

May 2, 2022

While Earth Month is coming to a close, we’re still opting to shop eco-savvy in every facet of our life, including for our beauty vanity. Here are some of the products we added to our collection this past month and are looking forward to repurchasing in the future. —Vicki Duong

graydon skincare. While sunny days on the forecast are a hit or miss lately, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep your skin glowy. For lightweight moisture without the weight of a cream, we’ve been loving the Intimacy Oil from Graydon Skincare ($49). The consistency is ultra-lightweight and glides on your skin effortlessly while squalane oil hydrates. Plus the touch of blue tansy adds a gorgeous hue to the formula that also calms sensitive skin.

biossance. When it comes to high-performing skincare, Biossance is always a brand that comes to mind, but did you know that they also also offer a great lip balm for skincare-on-the-go? For a hydrated pout we’ve been reaching for the Squalane+ Rose Vegan Lip ($19), which has been a lifesaver for chapped and peeling lips.

grown alchemist. While getting enough sleep is always a goal, it’s not always a reality when it comes to a packed schedule. We like to fake eight hours of sleep with a good eye cream meant to target dark circles. Enter the Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Eye Cream ($89), a small but mighty ultra-nourishing eye cream without mineral oils and parabens.

aiva. New to the Canadian market, Aiva is a Finnish brand that approaches skincare with a fuss-free mentality. Their Cream ($44 USD) can be used on your face or body to provide moisture while leaving your skin feeling soft and suppleplus the sleek packaging makes for easy recycling and easy transport.

saltyface. Sun-kissed skin? Yes please. Sun-damaged skin? Uh … no thanks. We’ve been faking our golden glow with Tanning Water ($48) from Saltyface, a Vancouver-based brand designed for the sustainably savvy sun seeker. With one or two dropper-fulls for your entire face, a soft and natural tan will begin to form within 24 hours, making it ideal for daily use for a bronzy glow.

jvn hair. Our fave Queer Eye host Jonathan Van Ness is known for their inspiring pep talks and love of all things beauty but did you know that they also have their own haircare line available at Sephora? A stand out from the collection is the Complete Instant Recovery Heat Protectant Leave-In Serum ($36), an intensely nourishing leave-in treatment that also doubles as a heat-protectant while adding body and shine to your tresses.

everist. The future is waterless. Not only are waterless formulas more concentrated, but it reduces waste and minimizes weight making shipping more eco-friendly and easier on the retail price and on the planet. Keep squeaky clean with a more sustainable body wash with the concentrate ($28) from Everist formulated with a refreshing blend of essential oils for an invigorating shower experience, just add water!

curù skin. Not all oils are made equal and with the inspiration of the sunny days in Sicily, Curù Skin was born. Their signature product is an impressive After Sun Facial Oil ($114) that helps renew your skin after daily exposure, but don’t let the name fool you. This facial oil can be used as part of your daily skincare routine to help purify and boost radiance.

pacifica. As the season changes our sights are set on getting ready for spring with a fresh new scent to welcome the changing weather. Thanks to TikTok, we discovered the Pacifica Dream Moon ($30 at Real Canadian Superstore)an enticing blend of pink rose, sandalwood and patchouli for a floral scent suitable for any occasion.

kms hair. As much as we love the hold and volume of a hairspray, aerosol components aren’t our fave when it comes to easy recycling. That’s why we’ve been reaching for the KMS Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray ($25) for a bit of body to your hair styling. The recyclable bottle is made with easy to recycle components while housing an easy to use finishing spray made with primarily ingredients of natural origin, such as moringa seed and oat oil.


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