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Follow Your Nose To This Floral Fenty Installation

May 3, 2022

Fenty Eau de Parfum—the personal, unisex fragrance created by Rihanna—is celebrating its highly anticipated restock after quickly selling out twice in 2021 with a larger-than-life floral installation inspired by RiRi’s perspective on fragrance and the notes that comprise the scent. Debuting in NYC this weekend, people can now smell the Eau de Parfum IRL for the first time and participate in the coveted online pre-sale before it officially becomes available for purchase on May 6.

Created by the renowned multidisciplinary street and sculpture artist Mr. Flower Fantastic, the immersive billboard brings Fenty Eau de Parfum to life with 80,000-plus flowers made of hyacinth, Bulgarian rose, magnolia, hydrangea, patchouli, bergamot and blueberry, which are the key florals of the Eau de Parfum. Set in Soho, the floral wall is a disruptive statement communicating Rihanna’s POV on fragrance. Rihanna always believed that fragrance is one of the most personal aspects of a beauty routine, and wanted to weave that sensorial nature into all elements of the Fenty Eau de Parfum experience. In her own words, “A woman is supposed to smell powerful and confident. And sexy. And what does that smell like? Because you can’t really put a scent into adjectives. But it means whatever makes her feel that way. Whatever scent connects her to the memory or feeling of empowerment, confidence, and sexiness.”

The floral installation will be live in New York City for four days only before this immersive experience pops up globally. To discover the floral wall’s next location around the world, sign up for emails and follow along.


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