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Mystic Michaela Talks Aura Paint Colours

May 12, 2022

Talk about a kindred connection! To celebrate the launch of its enhanced fan-favourite AURA Waterborne Interior Paint in Canada (think amplified richness in four finishes and 3,500 colours), Benjamin Moore teamed up with celebrity aura reader Mystic Michaela to explore how an individual’s aura can influence a space and paint to reflect their personal energy. For example, Sangria 2006-20 blends the logical and protective nature of red with yellow aura’s perfectionism and curiosity, while a tinge of green gives Palladian Blue HC-144 auras the intellectual edge of green auras, though they are, at heart, a compassionate blue hue. We has a fascinating chat with Mystic Michaela to learn more! —Noa Nichol

Hi Michaela! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

Hello! I am a fourth-generation psychic medium, specializing in reading auras—the colourful life-force energies around individuals. My true passion is in guiding people through Spirit to live their own authentic lives. I do this through my Aura Reading Workshop and Events, and share insights through my book, The Angel Numbers Book, and podcast, Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela.

For a little more “colour,” what do you do as an aura reader, and “who” are some of the famous auras you’ve read (and what did they reveal)?

As an aura reader I strive to help people understand themselves and how to best live authentically. Many times we live the way we feel we “should” instead of who we authentically are. Aura colours can help you know yourself better and how to go about living life in a way that best reflects that. I have been able to read many people including celebrities. Getting to read Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg was so much fun. Jenny has a purple and yellow aura. She has a feisty personality attached to that purple energy with a professional overlay lying within the yellow. Purples are often found in the entertainment industry as they don’t mind a little attention and love to make people happy. Yellow auras are often quite organized and focused on self improvement. Jenny has been able to merge the passionate purple with the more straight laced yellow to create a career for herself in the roller coaster of an industry she is in! Donnie has a green and purple aura. As a green he is very focused on career and making a stable life for himself and his family. Greens are often very pragmatic and down to earth. As a purple however, he too is an entertainer and artist. The ability to take that artistic energy and create a long career out of it is what a green purple can do, and he has.

You recently teamed up with Benjamin Moore on its newly enhanced ultra-premium AURA Interior paint; how did this partnership come about, and why was it a good fit for you?

The collaboration with Benjamin Moore developed a bit serendipitously if you can believe it! My husband and I had known about their AURA paint line and were initially drawn to the idea of playing on the term aura, given my work and knowing that Benjamin Moore is renowned for colour. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the Benjamin Moore team had been working to enhance its AURA interior paint and having similar discussions about the relaunch, including potentially engaging an aura reader as a fun way to celebrate the launch. After our first discussion, we all knew it was the right fit. Our hope is to inspire people to personalize their spaces, while offering suggestions for how to do so, with auras being a great place to start.

This collaboration yielded a curated colour palette that enables designers and consumers alike to reflect their personal energy throughout the home with the help of Benjamin Moore AURA Interior paint—can you walk us through how that works?

Choosing your own aura colours in paint can bring your energy into a space, while adding colours that represent vibes you want to curate can allow for new endeavours and motivations. Choosing paint based on your actual aura as well as what energy you would like to bolster can amplify the purpose of the space you create! Taking inspiration from the aura colours that I read on people, the Benjamin Moore Color Marketing & Development team curated a collection of colours that helps people bring personality to life in a space using Benjamin Moore AURA Interior paint.

In terms of colour selection for our home painting projects, what are your top insights into how an individual’s aura can influence a space?

Colour choices, especially in the spaces we live, are often a way to express ourselves or to create an environment that helps achieve a certain mood or tone. Understanding what you want your space to do for you can assist with choosing a paint colour that supports that. In some cases, a person might want to use their design choices as an opportunity to reflect their own personality—whether knowingly or unknowingly in alignment with their aura colour. In other instances, someone may look to “borrow” a vibe from a different aura as a way to bring more of that personality into a space.

How do we know what colours to embrace, and what to, perhaps, avoid?

The colours that speak to you are all positive! We often look for ourselves in life as well as what we want to enhance, supplement and support. My advice is always to ask yourself why you are drawn to a colour. It may be because it makes you feel a certain way or inspires you to shift and grow toward a goal in your life you are striving towards. Embracing colour is all about your emotions, if it makes you feel good, it’s the colour for you. Why it makes you feel good is a wonderful journey you can reflect upon as you decide where in your life you feel it would inspire you most.

How do you feel colour impacts mood, outlook and mindset?

Colour carries energy. Our ability to perceive colour and attach it to like energetic vibrations is an intuitive skill we all have. Using paint colour in order to energetically match you, calm you or invigorate you is a wonderful way to align the purpose of your space with your goals.

How often and when should we switch the colours around us up?

Your space needs to support the goal you have in mind. When you are suddenly finding yourself in a slump or an inspirational mood, it’s time to change up the colours around you. If you are turning that extra bedroom into an office space, bringing in colours to support your growth mindset is imperative. If you are looking for inspiration in life, try to bring it into your main living spaces first! Bringing in a colour which represents you can help you find yourself and your spark in your daily life.

Do different spaces in our homes warrant different colours?

Any room in your house needs a defined purpose. Whether it’s to rest, find energy or be productive, the colours you bring in will subconsciously assist you in reaching the goals of your space. In order to get the most out of your space, it’s helpful to bring supportive colours into the conversation. Colours carry energy, and your mindset will pick it up and utilize it.

Is there a space in your home you’re eyeing to switch up soon, in terms of colour, and why?

As a purple indigo aura, I often find it hard to stay focused in my work space. Therefore, I decided to paint my office green. The colour green brings in vibes of focus. It assists me in improving my attention to detail and promotes my need to challenge my own self growth.



  1. Harjit

    May 21st, 2022 at 12:17 am

    I’ve been following her for years! It’s so interesting to connect aura with paint. @plumerea Maple Ridge BC

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