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Sports In Canada: Which Ones Do Locals Prefer?

May 25, 2022

Canadians are widely known for nurturing their love of the sport. No wonder there are so many sports to watch on Canada’s scene. Sports enthusiasts visit for predictions and odds on the winners. Also, Canada is known for the abundance of talents that show excellent performance. Which sports are the most popular in Canada? In this post, we share the ones preferred by locals. 

baseball. If you want to know which sport is the most popular among Canadians, anyone would say that it is baseball. Canada has been a home ground for baseball for a long time, so locals enjoy this sport with the utmost attention. It is important to note that the oldest baseball stadium is located in Toronto. It is still used today for battles against the string Canadian baseball teams.

ice hockey. When you think of sports in Canada, the first thing that comes to your mind is ice hockey. It is one of the most popular and widespread sports among locals in Canada. 

cricket. Cricket is one of the popular sports in Canada. The Canadian cricket teams participate in One Day International. Cricket Canada is a body responsible for these matches, founded in 1982. 

basketball. Basketball was introduced in 1981 by James Naismith. Being developed by a Canadian, this game is naturally one of the local’s favourite sports. James grew the sport in the US, but many Canadians played in the team. Basketball enjoys enormous popularity in colleges and high schools across Canada. The national championship consists of 30 strong units.

golf. The first match was played in the 15th century and is where this game originates from. Golf is a widely popular sport, also brought from Scotland. In 1873 the first club was launched, making this sport widely popular across the years. 

curling. It is known that Canadians love curling, as the vast popularity of this sport has gained their attention. This less commonly used sport was brought from Scotland and is known for its relation with the military. The most prominent teams in Canada are located in Manitoba and Alberta.

lacrosse. This sport originated in Canada in the 17th century and is the oldest organized sport in North America. It is declared a national game and played by thousands of players across the country. With two leagues for lacrosse, the Canadian players have shown their outstanding performance in their native sport.

rugby. Rugby is one of the sports that has a long history in Canada. It is one of the sports that developed across the whole country and gained popularity. It has a history of ups and downs, with benign out for quite a time and reintroduced back again. 

soccer. While soccer wasn’t the most popular sport, it has gained immense popularity lately. With the excellent performance shown at the women’s soccer league, it seems like this sort is attracting a huge fan base.

tennis. Tennis is another widespread sport with a vast audience. Canadians love watching the tennis matches against their teams. With a governing body mainly founded for this sport, the popularity is rising on a national and international level. 

With a rich sports history, Canada is home to many disciplines. Curling and lacrosse are some of the choices when it comes to less commonly played sports. Ice hockey and baseball remain the top favorites in Canada, with so many talented players and a cheerful fan base. Overall, Canada offers many opportunities for watching exciting matches and predicting the outcomes. 


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