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June 3, 2022

Our favourite influencers discuss their most beloved luxury brands. —Sheri Radford

Gucci: Aleem Kassam

Why Gucci?

It’s a very creative brand. They’ve had a slew of different creative directors that are wildly varied over the decades, but they’ve always held true to their origins.

How many Gucci bags do you own?

My partner would actually kill me, because I hide some, too.

We won’t tell.

Definitely upwards of 40.

First bag?

I was probably about 15 or 16, and we were in Italy. We went to the Gucci store in Florence, and I basically begged my mom. I said it’s the perfect bag to take when I go off to university. It was the classic brown monogram with black leather trim. She said “OK, you deserve it.”

Favourite bag?

When it comes to bags, I’m not monogamous. I cheat on all of them. The brand evolves and changes so much that every year I’m like, oh, that’s my new favourite! Right now my favourite is the red felt anniversary bag. The day that my partner and I got engaged last year was the launch of the 100-year anniversary at the Vancouver store. I bought the bag to commemorate the day I got proposed to.

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Chanel: Aleesha Harris

Why Chanel?

Gabrielle Chanel’s story is so fascinating to me. And I’ve loved the house’s designs for as long as I can remember. I recall being at an airport in the early 2000s, and I spotted a woman at the baggage carousel wearing a Chanel Cambon Tote. I remember thinking she was so chic. That handbag left an impression, and I told myself then and there that I would have a Chanel bag one day.

First piece?

I bought my first Chanel piece, a wallet, during my first visit to Paris, in 2009. It’s a simple black leather design with a silver double-C snap closure on the front. I remember leaving the boutique with it wrapped up and in the iconic black-and-white shopping bag, almost in disbelief that I had purchased my first Chanel accessory. I still have it today.

Favourite piece?

I love the classic Chanel flap handbags. They’re timeless investment pieces. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic Chanel jacket.

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Fendi: Yvonna Chow

Why Fendi?

Fendi was always on my radar, especially with the Fendi baguette made famous by Carrie Bradshaw. It was such an iconic piece in Sex and the City. And I just love the Zucca Monogram. So classic. Recently I fell in love with the Fendi First collection. I love the modern take on a new classic design.

Favourite piece?

Anything from the Fendi First collection, but I would say the small pouch bag and sandals, which I own in black. The design matches well with my aesthetics.

Bag that should be resurrected?

The Fendi Spy bag. If hobo bags come back in style, I’d like to see that bag again, in the classic monogram and other exotic skins.

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Louis Vuitton: Cassie Gill

Why Louis Vuitton?

I think, for me, Louis Vuitton has always been the definition of the ultimate baseline in luxury. In terms of their classic brown monogram, it’s a print and a pattern that you can never go wrong with, because it has been such a staple in the luxury space.

First piece?

My very first Louis Vuitton bag; I actually still have to this day. I remember going to the store and my dad buying it for me. It is the one item I own that I would be absolutely devastated to lose, and it is nowhere near the most-expensive bag or designer item that I own. It’s just because it has such a sentimental quality to it. I feel like I’ve grown up with that bag. Each mark and each little wear and tear ties into a personal memory.

Piece that you always recommend?

Anyone who knows me has heard me say this: the only designer wallet to buy is Louis Vuitton. The LV ones just wear the best. I’ve had my wallet for 12 years, and I don’t imagine that I will buy another wallet in my lifetime.

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Hermès: Vivian Low

Why Hermès?

I’ve been collecting these items for maybe the past five or six years, and they’re quite timeless. How I see investment is a little bit different. When I say investment piece, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to sell it at a higher price. It’s more like the bag still keeps its value, and I can carry it for the next 20 years. Their design is not particularly trendy. It’s very subtle, understated. And obviously I love the quality.

First piece?

I think my very first Hermès was the Herbag. That was one of the entry-level bags. It kind of looks like a Kelly but it only costs one-third because it’s made of canvas. I still have it.

Favourite piece?

The new Birkin 30 that I recently got for a milestone birthday is my favourite. For every Hermès piece that you get, there is always a story, because it takes patience and time to get it.

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