Top Sips For Father’s Day

June 7, 2022

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate all the dads and dad-like figures in our lives. There are countless reasons for such a celebration, each as unique as every dad out there. Did he teach you how to tie your shoelaces? How to drive? How to handle a breakup, or handle a socket wrench, how to be a master gardener, how to be an expert napper, or how to use the barbecue without burning off your eyebrows? Did he deliver cringe-worthy jokes, allow slightly-less-than-nutritional dinners to be served while mom wasn’t around? Maybe he guided you to give your academics more attention, or was the strong but silent type? Or maybe your dad wasn’t a dad at all, but an uncle, grandparent or other caregiver that helped craft the person you are today. Whatever the case, we raise a glass to, “the dads”! Wines, beers and spirits can make a great Father’s Day gift, from the most easy-going dads to the most discerning, hard-to-shop-for types. The verdict is in, and the favourite child award goes to … the giver of any of the below sips and gifts! —Janet Helou

Dillon’s Single Grain Rye Whisky For dads willing to venture into a little “whisky” business, this newly launched rye whisky uses 100 per cent Ontario rye as the base grain (10 per cent malted and 90 per cent unmalted) and is pot-stilled one batch at a time. Once distilled it gets aged in new Ontario oak, new American oak as well as ex-bourbon casks for a taste experience of herbal and vegetal notes, toffee, clovelike vanilla oak character with a spicy, fruity finish. This rye is truly a grain-to-glass whisky great for sipping after a long day at work, or around a campfire with friends on one of B.C.’s many beautiful beaches.

Treana Cabernet Sauvignon For the grill-master! If your dad is one with exacting standards at the barbecue, this wine is for him. Treana is your quintessential Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles AVA (a designated wine-growing region like Napa or Sonoma). From the depth of colour and intense nose, this wine is made with structure and purpose. On the palate, flavours of rich blackberry, warm vanilla, toasted coffee and black cherry are finished with firm but refined tannins. Serve a glass to dad alongside espresso-rubbed steak and grilled mushrooms on a warm summer evening and watch him beam with pride.

Liberty School Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon For the hunting enthusiast, Liberty School Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon packs a punch of flavour—another big Paso Robles red with black fruit character of plums and blueberry, oaky notes of vanilla and tobacco with ripe strawberry and cherries. The weight and length of this wine is a perfect match for wild game like venison, pheasant or duck. Great for gifting or, let’s be honest, keeping!

M by Minuty Provence Rosé For the dad that always lightens the mood, this delicate but flavourful rosé is the equivalent of the French Riviera in a glass—a crisp blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Tibouren macerated to a soft blush hue. The elegant bottle can class up a table of tapas, grilled seafood and salade niçoise, or be poured and enjoyed poolside without a care. Tangy berries and tropical fruit character with a refreshing acidic backbone make this a party-pleaser. Santé.

Mission Hill Family Estate Rosé Perfectly paired for the oyster/seafood lover! The freshest fruits of the season—peaches, watermelon, raspberries and other red fruits—with a lively acidity and bright effervescence, this Pinot Noir-dominant sparkler is a delight to the senses. Pop this one at the beach in the sunshine, or at your favourite oyster bar, and toast to your pops.

Road 13 Jackpot 5th Element Don’t be deceived by this big, lush Bordeaux blend from our own Okanagan Valley; it comes on rich with spice and smoke but with a beautifully balanced fruit and oak structure, like a rough-around-the-edges dad who’s truly a teddy bear inside. This wine is Merlot-dominant, but nearly equal parts Syrah for a Bordeaux-with-a-twist, all sourced from the best-producing vineyards and then selected from the best of the barrels in the cellar. They say the secret is in the soil over at Road 13.

Kamiki Whiskey For the exotic whiskey enthusiast, this one’s a real treat—a true blend of Japanese-style whiskey that harmonizes Japanese nature with artisanship. Everything from the pure spring water to the second maturation in Japanese cedar to honouring one of the oldest Japanese shrines in the country make this an experiential sip. Elegant and inviting notes of plum, green tea, sandalwood, peppered peat and caramel notes play with a floral overlay. Serve this sensation neat, with people you admire.

Ardbeg Wee Beastie For the wee bit rowdy! A youthful five-year expression finished in ex-bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks, Wee Beastie’s as punchy as the rebellious teenager you may or may not have been (we’ll leave that to your conscience). As far as tasting notes go, picture you and your friends sitting by a seaside bonfire onto which someone drops a heap of peat, but somehow notes of vanilla, brown sugar, spare ribs, citrus peel, black pepper and fruity sweetness emerge from the heady smoke. A must-try.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon For the Old Fashioned type! Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon is a staple in any good at-home bar. The distillery is named after the buffalo trail (or “trace”) migration cross-continent. But to really delight the bourbon lover in your life, what about a leather-trimmed Buffalo Trace apron, for mixology and grilling delight? Or a Buffalo Trace games kit for a good Old Fashioned x Game night, gently lit by a bourbon and roasted pecan scented candle? And for the beard-sporting type, both beard wash and oil in delightful bourbon-inspired scents are all available through the online shop. Bottoms up!

Chateau Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape For the timeless dad who ages like a fine wine! The Châteauneuf-du-Pape region of the Southern Rhône needs no introduction; it is revered worldwide and wines produced there evolve beautifully as they age, with intense tannic structures and bold, angular black fruit and spice aromas in its youth that morph into softer, luscious tannins and leather, forest, blackcurrant complexity. The finish of this wine could go on for days, and the structure works wonderfully with grilled swordfish, lamb or duck, especially with berry reductions. A little on the spendy side but worth every penny.

Stanley Park Brewing Gift Set Father’s Day, delivered! Our friends at Stanley Park Brewing have put together the perfect bundle for the beer-loving dad in your life. Featuring a selection of four favourite beers (1897 Amber Ale, Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale, The Captain Hazy IPA and Trail Hopper IPA), plus a Stanley Park Brewing glass and two laser-engraved wooden coasters, this grade ale gift set ($35) is sure to elicit big “cheers” from dad on his big day.


  1. Wendy Germaine

    June 12th, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    What great ideas of Rye to wine I love all the ones you have shown to us in this article. Great gift ideas for Dads. I have learned a bit too. Thank you for this

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