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June 13, 2022

Canadian woman-owned brand Peppermint Cycling Co. tapped (also Canadian) artist Amélie Lehoux to design prints for its latest spring collection, throwing away the notion that cycling-wear has to be a stylish snooze. —Catherine Dunwoody

How many different prints did you design for this collection?

Initially I pitched eight different prints for the collection. I worked on multiple collage-style options and a few options with simple, clean, hand-painted lines. In the end, the Wildroad print made the cut, and I am very glad that it did!

What prints do you think work for cycling apparel?

I think many types of print can work for cycling apparel, from busy to simple, vibrant to neutral. For this specific collection I aimed to create a pattern evocative of movement and nature. I wanted the shapes and textures to be reminiscent of the landscapes, roads and natural beauties that cyclists might come across.

Is this your first collaboration with a fashion brand?

No, I collaborated with Les beaux jours on their Summer 2021 collection. I have also collaborated with BONLOOK on several projects. However, this is the first pattern I have designed for a clothing brand. I love designing patterns, it is always a really fun challenge!


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