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Here’s Why Tweezerman’s Lash Guard & Comb Is Taking Social By Storm

June 15, 2022

Time for another TikTok trend, and this time it’s all about a beauty tool that’s actually super useful! Tweezerman’s Lash Guard & Comb ($16) is taking social by storm, and for good reason. We asked MUA Bobbi Tanguay to fill us in on why this beauty is going viral! —Noa Nichol

Hi Bobbi! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’ve been a published freelance makeup artist and educator in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for more than seven years now and it’s the best job in the world! My MUA career has introduced me to so many special, diverse people and I’m so grateful. I have worked on everything from bridal to sfx to commercial! The beauty industry has so many avenues and I want to do it all. Beauty is my passion! I have clients from all over Canada and my main focus is always not just to do their makeup, but to give them confidence. My motto is: if you look good, you feel good!

We hear that Tweezerman’s Lash Guard & Comb is a hit with beauty lovers! Why is this such an innovative and useful product? Best benefits?

The lash guard and comb is truly the Holy Grail of products and everyone needs one. I always use it on the upper and lower lash line when applying mascara to prevent smudging on the upper/lower lid. Even if you’re a pro, smudging still happens and you never want to ruin your masterpiece! What I love is that when applying mascara, the guard helps you get to the base of the lash without fail. The tool has a comb that will also separate the lashes for an even, clump-free application.

Your top pro tips for use of the Lash Guard & Comb?

My most recent discovery with the lash guard is that it’s perfect for adhering your false lash to your natural lash for a seamless look! As a makeup artist, it’s very important to be able to sanitize with ease and this tool is extremely easy to clean and very durable! I must say, Tweezerman nailed this product and I use it on every client!


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