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5 Travel Haircare Tips From Marie-Michele

June 16, 2022

Travel is back on track and you’ll want to be prepared with these top travel haircare tips from L’Oréal Professionnel hair expert Marie-Michele! She breaks down what exactly happens to your hair while travelling and provides tips and tricks to keep your hair fresh from start to finish.

Start by adding a dry shampoo to your travel haircare suitcase! Marie-Michele explains that, “When flying, even if your hair is freshly washed, I don’t know if it’s due to the air in the airplanes but hair always tends to get greasy.” She suggests to always use the Morning After Dust Dry Shampoo as a protection before flying and when you arrive to have a fresh look. “Generally when we travel, we want to maximize our time to enjoy and discover so dry shampoo is definitely a must for travelling because it allows us to extend our next hair wash.”

The next product you should always have while travelling is the Metal Detox Shampoo. “I am sure you have all noticed that your hair tends to have a different texture when you travel, for example, drier, more frizz, fading of your colour more quickly. The main cause is the quality of the water, which is really different from one country to another, some waters contain more metals or have a more acidic or alkaline pH, which has a direct influence on the hair.” The Metal Detox Shampoo eliminates the metals that are found in your hair and guarantee you a result on your texture and protection of your colour. It can be alternated with another shampoo that corresponds to your hair needs and to finalize your routine. Finish with a Metal Detox Mask, which will create a barrier for the metals and rebalance the pH of your hair.

Marie-Michele also adds that, “If you are planning to travel to any sunny destinations you’ll want to have a UVA and UVB protection for hair!” This protection is often found in leave-in products such as the Vitamino Color 10 in 1. It’s a spray-on product so it’s easy to reapply several times during the day, e.g., in the morning before leaving, after swimming or going to the sea. Of course wearing a hat is definitely your best protection.

To Finish off your haircar packing and to ensure you have all your bases covered, Marie-Michele explains that, “Even if you have respected the good hair routine during your trip, it is still possible that your colour is altered” She suggests “planning before leaving your appointment at the hairdresser on your return to touch up your colour for a service of Glossing with a Demi-Permanent Color Dia Light, which will neutralize the unwanted reflect that would have appeared on your blonde or even on brunettes. The colour will act as a treatment due to its acidic pH and will give you back all your shine.”


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