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Cliniques First Avatar Makeup Looks Are About To Drop

June 21, 2022

Clinique has partnered with a diverse team of leading makeup artists and creators for its Metaverse More Like Us campaign, to help build a more inclusive world of beauty. Tess Daly, Sheika Daley and Emira D’Spain have been tapped to design NFT (non-fungible token) looks that challenge unrealistic beauty standards and promotes individuality.

The three MUAs each curated two beauty looks using their favourite Clinique products, each with a diverse NFP in mind, and allowing them to fit all skin tones, face shapes and hairstyles. The results and inspiration will be shared through social channels, allowing each artist to truly explore the potential of the metaverse and how they can use it to style a collection of NFTs.

Three NFT makeup drops will be offered to 1,968 randomly selected avatar NFP (non-fungible people, a.k.a. avatars) collection holders, kicking off in July, with the second drop in August and the third in September. We sat down with the iconic dermatologist-developed beauty brand’s Roxanne Iyer, VP of global consumer engagement, to chat further about the launch. N—Catherine Dunwoody

Has Clinique always aimed to be inclusive as a brand?

Clinique was founded in 1968 with the purpose of being in service of all skin. Inside and out of the Metaverse we recognize our part in continuous efforts to drive inclusivity and stand by our mission to create great skin for all. We are on a journey in the physical world, and we look through these lenses at all aspects of the consumer journey from the product development perspective to campaign creation. We believe that what we create today can positively impact the beauty standards of the future.

Were Tess, Sheika and Emira already fans of Clinique, or was this an opportunity to introduce them to the brand? 

All talent were our brand fans and familiar with Clinique products. For example, Emira has been using Clinique products since she was 10 and she learned about the brand from her mom who worked at Clinique at that time. This was the first time Clinique partnered with Tess, Sheika or Emira in a paid capacity. We were excited to bring this campaign to life with their incredible vision, artistry and talent.

Can you explain how the NFT makeup drops work?

Makeup artists and creators, Tess Daly, Sheika Daley, and Emira D’spain, designed the exclusive NFT makeup looks. For each of the three makeup drops, 1,968 recipients (1968 was the year Clinique was founded) will be randomly drawn by Non-fungible People NFT number to receive the NFT makeup look dropping at that time and will kick-off in July with Tess, and the second two following in August with Sheika and in September with Emira.  Clinique is offering the Makeup NFTs for free, to NFP owners (there are 8888 existing NFPs and 5904 will receive a NFT makeup look). The owners of the NFPs can decide to use it (apply makeup on their NFPs), save it for later or sell it. Consumers who do not own any NFPs or were not randomly selected, can still participate by getting a physical world look (from Clinique website) or purchasing NFT from second market (OpenSea).


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