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Brow Lamination With Benefit(s)

July 11, 2022

Benefit Cosmetics has just launched Brow Lamination services to get you full, lifted brows that last! Benefit’s new Brow Lamination service sets and straightens brows, so they can be easily repositioned into a full, lifted shape! Lamination lifts brows vertically to give an illusion of fullness and lasts for up to eight weeks! Available at your local Benefit BrowBar at Sephora and starting at $100, we asked Benefit brow queen Breigh Bellavance to tell us more. —Noa Nichol

What is brow lamination?

Brow Lamination is a service that sets and straightens brows, so they can be easily repositioned into a full, lifted shape! Lamination lifts brows vertically to give an illusion of fullness. Lasts up to eight weeks!

If we decide to get our brows laminated with Benefit, what can we expect the process to be like?

When clients come to the Benefit BrowBar for a Brow Lamination service, we follow the “Relax, Reposition, Condition, and Lock” process. First, break down the bond of the hairs by relaxing them. Then, reposition brows to a full and feathery shape. Finally, condition and lock brows in place with 24-HR Brow Setter. Depending on client preference, brow hairs can also be repositioned into a more clean, sleek and side swept position, if so desired!

What’s the benefit of this service? What does lamination do?

Brow lamination instantly lifts the brows while also giving them full and feathery appearance. Brow lamination utilizes the position and length of the brow hair to fill in any brow vacancies or sparseness. An instant gratification service!

Tell us about after care and maintenance.

Much like when we colour the hair on our head, the texture of the actual hair can change. To ensure your healthiest brows yet, it’s encouraged to nourish the brows daily with a hydrating oil, like castor oil or jojoba oil. Hair is hair! Imagine if we didn’t condition the hair our heads? No steam or sweat in brow area for 24 hours and avoid use of retinols or exfoliators 72 hours after.

How long does it last?

Brow lamination can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. This can vary per individual depending on hair growth cycles.

What brow types benefit most from brow lamination?

The ideal brow for brow lamination just requires some form of natural brow hair. If there are sparse areas of the brow, brow lamination will still enhance the overall fullness, but it’s recommended to spot treat the brows by flicking in a few faux hairs using a fine tipped pencil, like Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

Who is brow lamination not recommended for?

Brow lamination is not recommended for those who experience ritual brow hair loss or suffer from alopecia, particularly in the brow area. It is also recommended to wait six months post any form of brow tattooing or microblading, as the skin is still in repair mode.


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