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Combat Inflation One Slice At A Time

July 22, 2022

Inflation is on the rise. Gas prices keep getting higher. Rent costs and mortgage rates are off the charts. To help counter inflation, Canadians can enjoy the country’s first-ever “fixed-rate” pizza, a new initiative by Pizza Pizza. This fun new campaign is inviting Canadians to “lock in now” and take advantage of a highly competitive rate of $16.99 for an XL four-topping pizza for up to 12 months with no price increases—guaranteed. We spoke with Pizza Pizza VP marketing Adrian Fuoco to find out more. —Noa Nichol

What exactly is a “fixed-rate” pizza, and what’s this new Pizza Pizza initiative all about?

Our new positioning at Pizza Pizza, “Everyone Deserves Pizza,” focuses on the idea that good days or bad, victory celebrations or admissions of abject failures, at some point we all feel a little bit better when there’s pizza. It’s something almost all of us have in common, and Pizza Pizza has been a common element in those experiences over the years. Knowing our customers are definitely concerned with mortgage rates, rent, and cost of living in general, it’s a timely opportunity to have a bit of fun and get this message out there. The fixed-rate pizza is an XL four-topping pizza for $16.99, fixed for one-year.  You can get “pre-approved” by filling out a simple and fun questionnaire online

How do you see rising food costs and inflation impacting Canadians’ day-to-day lives?

It’s all around us and it means we have to make choices and we expect Canadians will remain savvy in finding ways to stretch each dollar further. We hoped that the Fixed-Rate pizza would strike a chord because it’s a simple concept, it’s funny (which we like as marketers because it captures attention), and really is a great deal, which we know people are looking for.

In the same vein, why is it essential for companies to meet the changing needs of their consumers?

We need to stay relevant and do what we can to give people what they want.  As their needs evolve, we need to keep up and maintain a connection to keep them happy and coming back. I think that’s a fairly straightforward idea but it’s actually easier said than done.

Besides fixed-rate pizza, what are some other innovative ways in which companies are meeting the needs of their consumers and helping them in the right places including price points?

Besides doing what you can to keep prices low, there are lots of ways to keep customers happy. Make it easy to order and get the food to them fastthat’s why we still have our famous time guarantee or your order is free. New food innovations are another onefinding items that people are looking for and giving it to them, which is why we’ve early adopters of items like cauliflower crusts, vegan-friendly options, gluten-free and more. 

What do you see as being some other trends in the retail/food industry, especially with inflation and rising prices?

Convenience, including speed of service, is key. You need to have a great product and great value but you still need to make it easy for people to order and find a way to get it to them fast. That’s expensive to pull off so it’s a real challenge in the industry right now. We’re investing in technology now that will allow us get our food to our customers faster and more efficiently.  

Final, personal question: what toppings are you putting on your fixed-rate pizza?

I’ll just jump on with whatever my kids are ordering—it’s easier that way. 



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