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Tiffany Pratt Tells Us How To Bring Our Barbie Dreamhouse To Life

July 27, 2022

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse, BeautiTone has partnered with Mattel Canada to curate a collection of 13 Barbie-inspired paint colours to bring every Canadians’ dream home to life. Whether you’re looking to design fun and inspiring play areas for the kids, add energy to your entry way, or create self-expression through colour in your dining room, this nostalgic collection offers colours that can transform any living space in your home. To inspire Canadians and explore the endless possibilities of the collection, designer and Queen of Colour, Tiffany Pratt, has revamped her own dining room using the Barbie Dreamhouse colour palette to create completely a unique and personal space that reflects her vivid and colourful personality. We chatted with Tiffany to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Hi Tiffany! Today, we’re talking about the latest launch from BeautiTone: the Barbie Dreamhouse Colour Collection. What does the range consist of, colour wise, and what’s the impetus behind it?

The colour range is the perfect balance between neutrals and WOW colours. Pairing neutrals and muted tones with bolder colours, like the Barbie pink, Yes I Can purple, or the Glow Up yellow, creates interesting contrasts that are eye-catching and add energy to your home. BeautiTone thoughtfully curated the collection to take the guesswork out of telling a cohesive colour story from room to room in your home. Together, we want to encourage Canadians to not shy away from colour and instead embrace it. This Barbie Dreamhouse Colour Collection is nostalgic and so much fun—we hope it inspires Canadians to rekindle their love of colour.

What uses would you suggest, as an expert, for these paints (to create our own Dreamhouse, of course!)?

There’s such a wide variety of colour in the collection and it can be used in so many ways. I suggest that you use the colours that feel like you and understand what you want your home to convey. For example, the muted pink of Self Care is warm and welcoming, this is an emotion many entertainers would want to evoke in their entryway to make their guests feel welcomed as they enter their home. To contrast this, using the dusty blue of Career Goals in your entryway would give guests the sense that the person who lives here is willing to take some chances and have some fun. While colour belongs in all areas of a Dreamhouse, kids gravitate towards colour, and the BeautiTone Barbie Dreamhouse Colour Collection is perfect for their bedrooms and play areas.

For those who tend to shy away from colour, and pink, what are your top tips for easing into the Dreamhouse life?

You don’t have to paint the whole wall one bright colour, you can use a neutral or muted tone from the collection as a base and then incorporate a WOW colour by painting a bold stripe or adding scalloping detailing to bring fun and inspiration to any space. Take note of how I transformed my dining room. I used a neutral shade along the lower section of the wall and then hand painted the upper portion using a variety of colours—including the Barbie pink to stencil flowers. Looking at the before and after images, you can see how eye-catching and fun the transformed space is. It has personality and then end result is so magical. Creatively following your heart and doing things that make you happy are always in style!

Barbie is certainly having a moment right now, and there’s a definite sense of nostalgia about that! Are you a lifelong fan like us?

Completely! I had some vintage Barbie memorabilia from my own collection that I’ve held on to since I was a kid that helped serve as inspiration for my dining room revamp.

Do you remember your very first Barbie ever (ours was Malibu Barbie)?!

I’ve always been inspired by the colours of Barbie’s world and fell in love with her back in 1983. Loving You Barbie, complete with her heart-adorned gown, was my constant companion.



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