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5 Fashion Brands With Upcycled Or Scrap Material Collections

August 10, 2022

What’s old is new again thanks to certain fashion brands that use upcycled or scrap material collections. Making use of second-hand fabrics gives these a new lease on life—otherwise they would have ended up in a landfill. You can make your mark on fashion and leave a smaller carbon footprint on Mother Nature with these fashion brands with upcycled or scrap material collections. —Jennifer Cox

Yoga Jeans is a brand committed to an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. When designing their jeans, they measure the impact each garment has on the earth, which is a fundamental part of their process.  They are constantly improving their practices with the goal to reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and work towards a circular economy.

Women’s fashion house Ganni prides itself on the lengths it goes to be more sustainable. Not only do they use more than 70 per cent responsible fabrics, but they also publicly release a yearly responsibility report where they put forth various goals to continue on their path of being more eco-friendly.

Bianca Spender is an Australian designer (who sells to Canada) and the brand is unique in that they pledged to be carbon neutral back in 2020. Since that time, their focus attention has been on numerous ecofriendly efforts, including limiting their energy consumption and supply chains, improving worker welfare, and lessening their environmental impact.

Bec + Bridge puts in a lot of effort to ensure they give Mother Nature a little TLC. They are constantly reassessing their practises to reduce their impact on the environment, their people, and their supply chain. The brand has put into place an internal recycling system for their head office, and their fabric off cuts are collected and provided to other local businesses to be repurposed, such as to make napkins for a sustainable catering business. They are also committed to repairing all faulty garments before replacing them, phasing out almost all non-recyclable elements from their online packaging.

A few years ago, Re/Done completed an overall of their packaging and replaced them with recycled or biodegradable materials. Since that time, they have also launched RE/SELL, a platform that allows customers to upsell (or resell) their pieces to each other. And their RePack program is a returnable and reusable packaging service that eliminates waste and reduces CO2 emissions by 80 per cent.


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