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Making Barndominium Your Dream Home

August 15, 2022

If you haven’t heard of barndominium before but it sounds familiar, this is because it’s a combination of words barn and condominium. A barndominium is a barn converted into a living space. The exterior looks like a typical barn or a warehouse, but the interior is a regular-looking home with space around it. Barndominium or barndos for short, are usually steel buildings. However, they can be made out of different materials, like wood. Barndominiums are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. So, let’s see why and how you can make a barndominium your dream home.

How Is Barndominium Built?

Most homeowners hire a professional to turn their old barn into a living space, however, you can build a barndominium yourself if you have the needed skills. There are two options when making a barndominium your dream home, building a barndominium from an old barn or building a new building. A new barndominium has three building phases. The first one is the concrete foundation, then the metal or wood frame, and last the interior area. It’s important to insulate the barn to create a livable space. If you’re not sure how to insulate a pole barn ceiling, you can hire a professional. Insulation is one of the best ways to control the outside elements and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat up or cool down the barndominium. New barndominiums or converted ones take about six months to complete and prefabricated ones take less time to finish. However, building or designing a barndominium can be time-consuming if you’re trying to do it by yourself. That’s why you should set a budget for working with a professional, like an architect to help you design a barndo. In addition, since a barndominium is a different structure than a regular home, there’s a higher chance you’ll make unwanted mistakes. So, don’t be afraid to ask for different opinions, research online, and consult with professionals to make barndominium your dream home.

What’s So Great About Barndominiums?

Barndominiums are becoming more and more popular among homeowners, especially among ones who own horses. In addition, some people simply love the barndominium’s rustic style and want to make it their dream home. One of the reasons people love barndominiums is because of their versatility and durability. The space can be turned into anything you wish, from home, shop, to a restaurant. Also, you can design it however you like. From creating a minimalistic home to bringing the tropics indoors. They’re also easy to build and the construction takes a lot less time than a traditional home. Another great benefit of owning a barndominium is they’re long-lasting and sturdy, especially if it’s a steel barndominium. Also, steel barndos are resistant to termites. Making barndominium your dream home is easier on your budget than building a traditional home. In addition, barndos can be energy efficient with the solar heating system.

Designing Your Dream Barndominium

When designing your barndominium make sure to write down different ideas and thoughts. We can easily forget important details so it’s essential to create a list and write down the things we need and want. You can create a list of things like the number of bedrooms, paint color, bedroom design, number of bathrooms, walls or open space, etc. In addition to writing, you can even draw your plan because it will allow you to see your plan better and avoid any potential mistakes.

If you want to create a unique living space, then the barndominium is right for you. Take your time to do proper research and find different ideas and inspirations. Barndominium usually has an open floor and raised gambrel, but you can design a barndominium into something that fits your needs the most. Make sure to remember that building a new barndominium or converting an old one takes about 6 months, or if you’re on a budget choose a prefabricated one. Also, if you want to design a barndominium of your dreams, then consider consulting or working with a professional to help you turn your ideas into a reality. Once you start living inside of a barndo, you will see why barndominium are so popular.


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