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La Prairie’s Latest Launch Is Vertical

September 14, 2022

This year, the skincare experts at La Prairie have initiated a paradigm shift, from focusing on skin’s horizontal elements to focusing on its vertical dimension. Stay with us.

Skin ligaments are unique vertical structural units, like supporting columns in a building, that form a flexible yet strong network throughout the hypodermis. They are essential to the structural stability of the skin and anchor skin to its foundation. With age, the ligaments weaken and the entire skin follows gravity. Facial sagging sets in, firmness and contours are lost and the formation of deep wrinkles is accelerated. Given their fundamental importance, La Prairie scientists entered into a collaboration with a Swiss bioanalytical laboratory to develop ground-breaking test protocols that allowed them to identify and quantify components of skin ligaments.

The results of this research show that aged skin can be strengthened and its structure made denser, reversing the effects of time. Based on this, La Prairie created an ideal blend of proprietary caviar ingredients, augmented with a specific high-efficacy active, designed to help visibly strengthen and redensify the skin. The result is Caviar Infinite: 35 years of Caviar Science, mastered.

The bottle, inspired by Bauhaus, is, too, a work of art, and the pipette dispenses the perfect dose into the palm of the hand, every time. —Vita Daily


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