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The Next Colour Of The Year Offers A Visual Reset

October 11, 2022

Did you know? It takes colour experts at Behr about a year to develop the Colour of The Year.

“We start with insights, we look at trends, we’re partnering with [our partners] at the Home Depot, we’re working with our internal teams,” says Erika Woelfel, VP, colour and creative services at Behr Paint Company. “We look at lifestyle trends, how people are thinking, living in their spaces, the mood that we’re in—there are lots and lots of different influences.” Fashion trends, data and analytics also play a role. The pros also consider whether “there’s a hole that needs to be filled, or if we really want to focus on a certain part of the colour palette,” says Woelfel.

Looking ahead to 2023, the team at Behr zeroed in on the health and wellness movement, and a growing emphasis on the home as a sanctuary. It’s all about uplifting colours, colours that emphasize positivity, and those that can help you focus but still allow you to express your own individuality. Blank Canvas, Behr’s Colour of the Year 2023, offers an opportunity to hit that reset button and refresh your spaces. “It’s a very warm, engaging and welcoming white … and extremely versatile,” says Woelfel. “It’s a beautifully balanced white.”

It’s a new neutral that’s designed to work with many different palettes and looks and feels, says Sarah Fishburne, director, trend and design at The Home Depot. “People are wanting these warmer whites, and these more complex whites than we’ve ever needed before.” Blank Canvas is complementary to the colours in the new Behr Designer Collection, and can be used both indoors and out.

“It used to be that you address your outsides totally different from your inside,” says Fishburne. “Now people want to start from the mailbox and walk through and have this connectivity—and now, you have this beautiful luxurious white that can go everywhere.” —Truc Nguyen


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