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Radio Host Deepa Prashad’s Top Diwali Tips

October 17, 2022

As Diwali is fast approaching, party preparations are top of mind for those who celebrate! The five-day festival of lights marks one of the biggest and most important holidays of the year for some South Asian Canadians. To inspire Canadians to embrace their inner masti (fun without inhibitions) this Diwali, Kurkure—maker of spicy, tangy snacks—is excited to partner with media personality, Kiss 92.5 host and foodie, Deepa Prashad, to offer helpful tips for celebrating Diwali this year! For example, why not put a Diwali spin on a charcuterie board with Desi favourites like samosas, chutneys and Kurkure snacks? Deepa likes using these flavourful snacks to fill spaces on her board. —Vita Daily

choose your colour scheme. When you are preparing for your Diwali festivities, it’s important to consider your colour theme. The most popular colours used to celebrate Diwali are rosy reds, pure yellows, vivid magentas and bright oranges. This will help tie your decorations together for a cohesive look.

use a colourful tablecloth. Jazz up your table with colourful tablecloths that match your colour theme to help bring the spirit of Diwali to your home. Colourful tablecloths will be the first step in getting your table set and ready for hosting Diwali festivities with your friends and family!

decorate your table with floral & candle centrepieces. The beautiful bright colours and scents from an arrangement of flowers and glowing candles can boost the mood of your family and friends at your Diwali celebrations. These simple arrangements can help make your table setting feel very welcoming and extra special.

make an Indian-inspired charcuterie board. Put a Diwali spin on a charcuterie board with Desi favourites like samosas, chutneys and Kurkure snacks! These snacks are bursting with flavours in every crunchy bite and will take your Diwali charcuterie board to the next level! I love using both the Chilli Chatka and Masala Munch snacks to fill up the empty spaces on the board with spicy and tangy flavours. You can also put Kurkure snacks in bowls around the room, so no one goes without!

serve mango lassi or spiced lemonade. Once your table and snacks are all perfectly set for your Diwali festivities, it’s time to pair them up with the perfect beverages! Sipping on chilled refreshing mango lassi or spiced lemonade help balance the flavourful festive treats like the tangy and spicy Kurkure Chili Chatka and Kurkure Masala Munch snacks.


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