This Course Will Teach You How To TikTok

October 25, 2022

Our favourite local marketing and social media guru, Erin Sousa, has launched, with Mila Media Co. partners Karly and Rachel, an incredible new course to teach brands how to succeed on TikTok. We chatted with Erin to learn more about this biz-boosting offering. (Heads up: the doors will close on this course on November 2, so hurry and register now!) —Noa Nichol

Hi Erin! Congrats to you and the entire team at MILA on releasing your TikTok for Brands course. What was the impetus for creating this resource, and who is it for?

I think we’ve felt a shift for quite some time into short-form video—I mean, IG famously said they are a video first platform now and they would be prioritizing video. All of a sudden. everyone was forced to learn a whole new, much more onerous, form of marketing: video content creation. Seeing views, likes, and overall visibility decrease over the last year on IG has created a need to explore diversifying our marketing methods and more and more people were looking to TikTok, while many have been super hesitant, because it feels really overwhelming to learn a new social platform! We saw a need to solve that, and create education that could empower brands to own their marketing and actually diversify for success.

Describe the course to us: what sort of info/advice/resources and, particularly, PRO insights will we gain from it?

This course is for brands, business owners, marketers, creators and influencers … anyone who wants to grow an online presence and monetize it! It has SO many frameworks for short-form video content creation that not only works for TikTok, but IG Reels also—TikTok sets the IG Reels trends. Recently, TikTok searches are found on Google, and Gen Z uses TT more as a search engine than they do Google, so not being on TikTok is like not being on Google at this point. Businesses need to see this potential (and also realize that they are giving business to the competition if they aren’t!). Access to a new audience even if you have 0 followers is really exciting bc anyone who jumps on the platform is given the same opportunity for visibility, as opposed to IG where you need to take the time to build a following. There is EVERY niche you can think of on TT and there is a certain finesse to create the type of content that resonates on the app—we are sharing those exact frameworks, including video tutorials for how to use the app itself, and content calendars with idea starters to plug in your planning:

  • Shift your mindset to find your creativity
  • Understand and adjust to the TikTok culture
  • Create an optimized TikTok profile & get a strategic start
  • Train the algorithm
  • Use TikTok SEO to get more views
  • Create various video types for your niche using our creative process
  • Get the formula and harness the power of short form video
  • Plan & edit TikToks to increase engagement
  • Maximize your potential to go VIRAL

In your own personal early days as a brand/creator on TikTok, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest reasons people are held back is the worry of what other people will think about them and that can be paralyzing. I always tell my clients the same thing … once you start exercising the creator muscle and showing up, it starts to get easier! You also start getting feedback and building community which can be so rewarding and such a big payoff that it helps propel you forward.

As your following grew (and grew!), what sorts of realizations did you have about the inner workings of the platform, especially when it comes to how brands use it and what brands need to get out of it?

Understandably, the most difficult thing for brands and creators to wrap their minds around is the style of the short-form video bc it’s more unpolished. Giving pepople value, a feeling, relatability, connectionthat’s what this style of video is all about, which ALSO hits on Instagram now.The course has the framework and tutorials for how to create this style of short-form video—this is extremely useful for IG Reels also!

Without giving away too much, what are some of the best nuggets or tips included in this course?

We have a hot hooks list that will give you SO many ideas for what kind of videos to make, a full video framework template AND 3 group calls with our team to live audit your TT. Plus, TT editing tutorials so you can understand how to make different styles of videos.

If you could speak to yourself when you were just starting out on TikTok, what advice would you give to Erin?

Let go, and be yourself. Simple, cliche, but 10,000% true.


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