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Get The Iconic “I’m Cold” Makeup Look

November 23, 2022

Out with summer’s “sunburn blush” and in with winter’s frostbitten “I’m cold” makeup. This winter, when it’s negative seven degrees, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and turn on some holiday tunes but make sure you look the part but ensuring you’re rocking the viral “I’m cold” makeup look. The simple and natural look mimics the natural flush that follows a cold wind, which can be cute right? We love a blush moment.

NYX Professional Makeup has the best products to create the perfect “I’m cold” makeup look. To replicate the trend, being by applying the Bare With Concealer to ensure you have a blurred and even canvas to work with. Next is the blush, of course, apply Wonder Blush all over the cheek, the tip of the nose, and right above the lips! Placement is key when it comes to where Wonder Blush needs to go.

For the eyes, swipe Glow Shots over the lid to add some a bit of sparkle and hydrate your lips with Milky Gloss and you’re good to go! How easy is this new iconic TikTok trend? Recreate your “I’m cold” makeup look while actually staying warm this winter. —Vita Daily


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