iGaming in Canada

November 23, 2022

Betting online is part of the trend these days which is the reason why it’s all the rage. Online wagering has become part of the lifestyle of many because of its convenience. The people’s lifestyle at this time is fast-paced especially now that technology has evolved a lot wherein everything is accessible thru our gadgets.

A lot of casino sites began popping up in the digital world. They’re highly advertised in social media, video sharing platform, and in content. It can be tricky finding a betting site where everyone can truly have fun and guaranteed legit. Top-rate affiliates such as CasinoGrizzly feature sites which are guaranteed safe and have everything an online betting enthusiast wants. If I piqued your interest, you can check them at

Wagering Online in Canada

It is a known fact that Canadians have always been fond of entertainment even during the time when it was first discovered by John Cabot in 1497 and introduced card games. Prior to their arrival, indigenous people in Canada were already engaged in a form of gambling game called “Slahal or Lahal” a bloodless war game played by two opposing teams. This only proves that gambling has been part of their culture and all forms of betting are widely embraced.

The Gambling Laws of Canada
The rule in the country is anyone can wager as long as they reach the age of 19. The government allows players to wager on betting sites from offshore and is tax-free so players who win the jackpot will get their payout in full.

The Latest Developments
Canada is now becoming more open to the wagering industry and recently, they passed Bill C-2018 which lifted the limitations and restrictions on single sports betting. In April 2022, iGaming began operating in Ontario which is duly licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission or the AGCO or the Alcohol and Gaming Commission. Technically all forms of betting need approval from the jurisdictions and are considered illegal unless managed by provincial authorities.

The Introduction of the Online Casino
Virtual wagering has been introduced in 1994 although the graphics may not be as stupendous compared to what we are enjoying now, it was a wonder back then. In Canada, the first land-based. The mobile casino was introduced by the same company in 2004 which inaugurated the online casino, the Microgaming software. iGaming has come a long way.

What Betting Sites Offer

Compatible with All Gadgets
Majority of the online punters prefer betting through their smartphones because of its Punters prefer to wager using their tablets or smartphone for easy access. It is best suited for people with a modern lifestyle. All major casino sites update once a year for better graphics and nice audio. 5Gen was recently introduced giving the players more excitement.

Payment Methods
The online casino has different payment options digital wallets like Paypal and open banking payment methods like Trustly. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum is also available depending on the casino site.

Casino sites also offer promos and coupons and some tournaments. Coupons are also given to newly signed in.

Wide Variety of Games
Online casino software offers more than 3000 modes of games using advanced graphics and sounds and the majority has two or more gaming software.

Live Casino
One of the favourites of the majority of the players is the chance to play live. In a Live casino, the players have an opportunity to meet other players and virtual croupiers. It is done live and in real-time which means all the action taking place is happening.

Adaptable to Technology
Virtual reality is the most common technology wherein players immerse themselves in the virtual world making iGaming more surreal.

Gambling in Canada is actually for the main purpose of merriment and not for livelihood. Having the convenience to wager anytime and anywhere makes it even more popular in the years to come.


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