We Interviewed The Jolly Man Himself!

December 2, 2022

When our friends at Cadillac Fairview reached out with an opportunity for to interview Santa Claus, we jumped at the chance, and asked our little, Esme, age 7, to submit her top questions for the big man himself about his job, the best gifts of the season and the exciting and magical programming taking place across Cadillac Fairview properties (including CF Richmond Centre) this holiday. Check out the interview below! —Vita Daily

Hi Santa! How are you feeling in the weeks leading up to the big day?

This is an extremely exciting time, and I look forward to helping families discover the magic of the holiday season each year. I’m honoured to help create special memories for children and parents alike. With less than a month to go until the big day, I want to remind Canadians to send in their Christmas wish lists or, better yet, visit me at their local Cadillac Fairview shopping centre!

The big question on everyone’s mind: what are the top gifts of the season?

Toys are the most popular in any given year! But if you are looking for something extra special, Cadillac Fairview has compiled a list to help you shop for every person on your list this holiday season. Check out the latest holiday finds and get inspired here.

What kinds of events can kids and their parents look forward to this Christmas?

Many CF shopping centres have a lot of magical holiday events taking place this season! In addition to our signature Santa cabin, guests can enjoy iconic holiday décor, including seasonal lights, artful ornaments and beautiful oversized sculptures. It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to take in and capture the spirit of the holiday season. We also have our live Music at CF program taking place three times a week at CF Richmond Centre in the Dining Terrace until December 23 (as well as at CF Pacific Centre and other centres nationally). Shoppers can enjoy their favourite holiday songs performed by local artists from around the Lower Mainland. The full performance schedule can be found here.

Our very excited six-year-old daughter wanted to ask you a few questions as well, starting with, how do you stay warm in the North Pole?

My cosy residence in the North Pole is built to keep in the heat, even on the coldest days! I also drink lots of hot cocoa, use lots of blankets, and bundle up in my warmest Santa jacket when I go outside.

How do you know who’s naughty and who’s nice?

I spend the entire year working on my lists and always check them twice. Thankfully I have a team of elves to help!

What’s the best/your favourite part of your job?

It’s hard to pick just one! Every visit is very special to me, but I have to say that when I tell children about the North Pole and their eyes light up with excitement and surprise, those reactions never get old. The holidays are the most magical time of the year, so it’s a true honour to bring that spirit to life and watch children grow up. Not to mention, I love getting my photo taken!

How do you fit down every single kind of chimney, even very tiny ones?

At one time, all houses had chimneys because they had fireplaces. But when furnaces were invented, that presented a real problem for Santa. To solve that problem, I called on a good elf friend to help find a magical solution. So now, even those with the tiniest chimney or no chimney, I can easily leave the gifts for the boys and girls.

My dad just got an electric car; is the sleigh electric?!

My sleigh is thankfully powered by my reindeer and the magic of the Christmas season! Also, my reindeer fly very, very fast. So fast, I’ll bet you a candy cane that you can never catch them!


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