Get Set For Dry January

December 19, 2022

Happy New Year! After a festive, fizzy season of indulging (and well deserved, no judgement from us) many of us like to reset in January. Dial back the drinking, skip the sweets, and reacquaint ourselves with our ol’ pal the Peloton. Reducing consumption for Dry January and beyond doesn’t have to feel like deprivation though, and the many options for alt spirits, zero-alcohol wines and no-booze-beers has exploded. Meaning, a cocktail or sipper can be had, that we can feel good about. Here’s some suggestions. —Catherine Dunwoody

Just what the doctor ordered: a shot of penicillin. Not that kind, instead mix yourself a Lyre’s Penicillin with British brand Lyre’s American Malt, an alcohol-free Bourbon-like spirit, with a shot of smoky tea, ginger, honey and citrus over ice. Recipe in link.

Bottega 0 Rosé is a sparkler from the prosecco brand with the prettiest bottles that we all love. Except this one has 0 percent alcohol. Light, fruity and floral, nice with brunch or as an aperitif.

Ceder’s line of alt distilled spirits have beautiful botanical flavours, no calories or sugar, and no alcohol. The Classic tastes like gin with the juniper and citrus notes we love. The Crisp has a refreshing cucumber clean finish, lovely in this Ceder’s Stinger. Wild is spicy with clove and ginger, and Rose is a floral, lovely in this Ceder’s Pink Rose Spritz.

Wander & Found does a sophisticated red wine blend similar to Pinot Noir, with notes of red currant, dark fruit, and plays nice with grilled fish and vegetables.

Gruvi Pale Ale is much like an English-style pale ale, with balanced bitterness from barley and hops. Medium bodied, with a hoppy, bitter bite and slightly sweet endnotes.

Recently launched at Holt Renfrew, French Bloom Le Rose is a blend of French organic Chardonnay dealcoholized wine, organic white and red grape juice.


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