10 Non-Basic Gift Cards For The Fashionista In Your Life

December 20, 2022

While gift cards give people the flexibility to buy practically anything they want, they can often be thought of as impersonal since not a lot of thought or effort usually goes into buying one. However, gift cards don’t have to be boring; in fact, they can be tailored towards somebody’s personal taste and style, making them more meaningful. Here are 10 non-basic and unique gift cards any fashionista in your life will love for Christmas or otherwise–from pre-loved luxury bags to statement headbands and more. Christina Armanious

Simple Retro: One of the most unique clothing brands we have stumbled upon, Simple Retro is inspired by vintage silhouettes and aims to bring back some of the most “outdated” and nostalgic looks to your everyday wardrobe. Whether you know someone who is trying to channel their inner Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things or who has seen The Sound of Music way too many times, they will surely appreciate this gift card.

Authentique (Canadian owned): Authentique is a fashion startup based in Toronto that curates timeless and affordable luxury from female Middle Eastern designers. From clutches made of mother of pearl to garments made with Egyptian cotton, each piece represents ancestral heritage, and it’s the perfect gift card for anyone looking to add a unique talking piece to their wardrobe. 

Lele Sadoughi: For that one person who likes to express themselves with bold accessories, this is the gift card for them. Lele Sadoughi is known for her loud hats and colourful jewelled headbands (some of which are made with real Swarovski crystals)! 

Love that Bag etc (Canadian owned): Give that fashionista in your life the opportunity to shop from a myriad of pre-loved designer bags! With brands like Chanel, Gucci and Dior, Love that Bag etc has countless luxury options.

L’INTERVALLE (Canadian owned): Give the gift of must-have shoes (because you can never own too many) with a L’intervalle gift card. The company’s wide selection of stylish, durable and affordable footwear will ensure they’ll find high-quality shoes that will suit their fancy.

bluboho (Canadian owned): Probably one of the most unique fine jewellery brands, bluboho creates handcrafted, ethically sourced and one of a kind pieces in Toronto. Offering a stunning range of materials from gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, emerald and more, bluboho is perfect for anyone looking to invest in dainty everyday essentials or statement pieces. 

VSP Consignment (Canadian owned): A disruptor for high-end luxury consignment in Canada, VSP carries hundreds of pre-owned designer goods from across time, making it the ultimate gift card for anyone who loves shopping or collecting vintage clothing. 

Kotn (Canadian owned) – Give the gift of comfort *and* style with a Kotn gift card. Great for work attire, a night on the town, or casual everyday clothing, Kotn has cosy options from skirts, vests, blazers, dresses, jumpsuits and everything in-between. They’ll be comfortable without making it look like they are trying to be comfortable. 

Kate Hewko: We all know that one person who lights up any room they walk into with their bold and eccentric style–and lucky for them, Kate Hewko has those two down pat. With super unique silhouettes, distinctive designs and vibrant patterns, they’ll surely find a thing or two they love. 

Dog & Co.: Because every fashionista needs a wardrobe for their furry companion. Dog & Co. sells everything from puffers, sweaters, fleeces, turtlenecks and more. We can’t promise that your dog won’t be better dressed than you. 


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