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The T-Zone’s Best Of Beauty 2022: Part 2

December 29, 2022

The beauty market gets bigger and better every year, and those 12 months are jam-packed with new launches that make a splash. But which of those newbies are the cream of the crop? We asked 16 of our nearest and dearest beauty pals to share that one can’t-live-without product that held their heart this year. Here’s Part 2 of our Best of Beauty series! You can watch Part 1 here. —Ingrie Williams and Emily MacCulloch of The T-Zone

Who: Christine Cho (@christinechobeauty), on-air beauty expert and makeup and hair artist

What: Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk, $52,
Why: “Luminous. Glowy. Magical. I love it because it’s super easy to use, despite your skill level. You can blend with your fingers or a brush. I have one in my pro kit and my personal stash.”

Who: Aleesha Harris (@aleesha_h), editor at the Vancouver Sun and Province and blogger at Covet & Acquire

What: Valmont V-Firm Cream, $550,
Why: “It targets skin firmness and density with ingredients like a peptide complex, hyaluronic acid and vegetal squalane. It’s radiant, hydrating and luxurious and it’s my top pick because it works!”

Who: Veronica Chu (@veronicachu), makeup artist and hairstylist and TV beauty expert

What: Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream, $60,
Why: “The reason why I love this bronzer is because I work with so many different people with different skin textures but when I apply this product it really gives an overall glow and healthy-look to their skin.”

Who: Suzie Micheal Galway (@suziemgalway), freelance copywriter

What: Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit Eau de Parfum, $134,
Why: “This fragrance is a mix of fig, coconut, vanilla and jasmine and it’s got that perfect sunscreen smell. It’s so summery, bright and sunscreen-y and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since it came out, which is really not the vibe right now in the middle of winter, but I’m obsessed with it. I have a hard time reaching for anything else these days.”

Who: Josiane Konate (@petiteandbold), entrepreneur, content creator and CEO of Latane Skincare

What: Latane Mimado Balm Cleanser, $48,
Why: “This cleanser is very luxurious, soft and has no fragrance. It’s packed with antioxidant ingredients that are going to nourish your skin while removing all your makeup. If you love double cleansing you’re going to love this balm cleanser as it’s effective and doesn’t leave your skin stripped of moisture. It’s a game-changer.”

Who: Wendy Rorong (@wendyrorong), hair and makeup artist at Plutino Group

What: NYX Cosmetics The Brow Glue, $12,
Why: “I use this brow glue on everyone on set. I love it because it’s affordable, reliable and a little goes a long way. I can use it in the morning to set the brows in place and then I don’t have to worry about them for the rest of the day.”

Who: Colin Gaudet (@colingaudet), aka Rosacea Cheeks (@sweatyclown), photographer and drag artist

What: NudeStix Magnetic Eye Color Eyeshadow Pencils, $26,
Why: “I use these [as part of my drag makeup] in a bit of an unconventional way to what’s taught in the tutorials. I use them to map out dramatic shapes. The good thing about these is they dry down so fast that I can go in with Mehron Clown White and make all the lines super sharp without the two products mixing together.”

Who: Joanna Auguste, aka Nurse Jo (@thefacelabca), medical director The Face Lab

What: Hale Derma Post-Procedure Mist, price upon request
Why: “This is by far my favourite product of the year. It contains hypochlorous, which is a natural compound created by our white blood cells to fight infections. Three words to describe it would be: versatile, antibacterial and very gentle.”

Who: Noa Nichol (, editor-in-chief of VITA magazine

What: AURA Inner Beauty Collagen, $72,
Why: “I started my collagen challenge last January and have been scooping and pouring the stuff into my smoothie for nearly 365 days. My hair has grown six inches this year, my nails have never been so long or strong, and I do see a difference in my skin texture–plus, we covered collagen in detail in VITA mag last February. There are lots of brands to choose from; I’m currently working through this bottle by Aura Inner Beauty. Three words to describe collagen and its daily use: beauty no-brainer!”

Who: Ingrie Williams (@ingriewilliams), beauty writer and co-founder of The T-Zone

What: Kazmaleje Kurlsplus Paddle Comb, $35,
Why: “My pick is sturdy, impressive and affordable. The Kazmaleje comb was introduced to me by hairstylist TK (@tkloveshair) who’s a texture and colour specialist. The teeth of this brush are deep and smooth, they just glide through curls so you get super easy detangling which means you get super amazing definition. You can use it to give yourself a little scalp massage and it’s only $35 which I feel is not too bad as far as hair tools go.”


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