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The Story Behind Aritzia’s Super Puff

January 9, 2023

Aritzia’s Super Puff jacket is so ubiquitous now that it’s hard to believe it has only been around since 2017. The Vancouver-based brand launched its winter staple with a Kendall Jenner-fronted campaign five years ago, and celebs like Bella Hadid and J-Lo have since been photographed in the puffiest of all the puffers. As well as on the social-media feeds of the rich and famous, you’re sure to encounter several Super Puffs a day in the wild—more if you frequent such places as the school gates and kids’ football practice.

Why is it such a popular pick? To start with, it’s truly super puffy—stuffed to near-bursting with sustainably sourced goose down, or PrimaLoft Gold Insulation if you opt for the recycled, vegan (Re)Puff. That means you stay warm as toast, whatever the weather (there are four warmth levels). It comes in multiple lengths (shorty, original, mid and long) and five styles including a packable light version and vest. Then there are the innovative fabrics—think performance elements like waterproofness and ripstop, and cool finishes like Liquid Shine and cliMATTE—and there are a total of 80 colours. Finally, there’s the price: This is not a cheap coat (prices range from $128 for a Super Lite to $450 for the Super Puff2O Long), but it’s not in the realm of the most expensive designer puffers, yet it genuinely delivers like one.

If you’re flummoxed by the sheer volume of choice, you’re not alone. Aritzia has even developed a special section on its website to guide you through your options. If you’re debating the merits of mid and long and Modern Magenta or Freesia Pink, it’s worth spending time comparing your options—and, let’s face it, coming away wanting a dozen different jackets.  If you’re in New York, LA or Toronto you can even drop into Super World, a gallery of Super Puffs with installations, art pieces and 3-D screens. —Aileen Lalor


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