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The AstroTwins X Away Have Your 2023 Horoscopes

January 13, 2023

In celebration of the new year, Away has partnered with NYC based astrologers, best-selling authors and twin sisters The AstroTwins, to generate 2023 travel horoscopes for us all! Below, see what foreign shores await your arrival and shop the recommended suitcases, bags, and travel accessories perfect for every sign and adventure to come. —Vita Daily


We’re not exactly calling you a competitive traveler, Aries, but when you take off for parts unknown, you’re determined to come home with at least one epic story. No matter where you land, your searchlight is on for novel experiences that are authentic to the culture. 

A location that’s known to have “the best of” something you adore, will be a huge draw. (And knowing you, Aries, this covers anything from “the best brick oven pizza” to “the best wild mushroom foraging trails.”) Your sign is ruled by thrill seeking, impulsive Mars, so you like to keep a flexible agenda with lots of room for spontaneity. Be sure to include physical activity. Daily treks through ruins or athletic adventures like parasailing or snowboarding will keep your restless side at bay.

You’re in your adventurous element in 2023! A solo trip could be the perfect way to challenge yourself to grow and discover new sides of your personality. But that doesn’t mean you want to be alone. Head to a buzzy city like Shanghai, China, where you can wander through 7th century streets, fill up on soup dumplings and chat with strangers from all corners of the world!

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Excitable Leo, you’re an “everything, everywhere all at once” kind of traveler who hates the idea of missing a historic site—or a selfie opp. (And you’ve packed the colorful day-to-night outfits to prove it!) Ruled by the Sun, you gravitate to hot climates—and you raise the temperatures even higher once you arrive. Romance is usually on the agenda for your live-out-loud sign. Adventure always is. Whether you’re traveling with a plus-one or meeting an intriguing local for a dinner date, leave some open space in your schedule for a few heart-racing moments.

With your take-charge nature, you’ll happily organize group vacations. Friends may grumble about your action-packed itinerary. Don’t be dissuaded! They’ll thank you later when you’ve secured tickets to sold-out exhibitions and charmed the doorman at the city’s “impossible to get into” nightclub. Leave plenty of room in your suitcase or bring an extra bag for souvenirs. “Giving gifts” is Leo’s love language and you’ll leave no one off your list.

With learning highlighted for Leos in 2023, you’re hungry for experiential voyages. How about a culinary retreat in an Italian castle or a French château? It’s only befitting for the zodiac’s royal!

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Anywhere but home is the ideal destination for you, Sagittarius, the zodiac’s peripatetic global nomad—and the further from home, the better. Nothing makes you happier than immersing yourself in a different culture where everything feels exciting and new. Ruled by horizon-broadening Jupiter, god of the feast, you’ll quickly scout out the best eating spots where the cuisine is authentic, the mood lively and the staff so friendly that they’ll soon become your local BFFs.

Whether for business or pleasure, your spontaneous sign is always up for a travel adventure. (Little to zero advance notice required.) While you might pre-check a city map or two, you’d rather let the spirit of discovery take hold when you arrive.  Although you’re the zodiac’s luckiest sign, it’s probably a smart move to make a reservation before you land—even if you’re booking from the midflight wi-fi.

In 2023, you’re ready for a colorful, opulent journey that awakens your creative senses. Where better than Paris, the City of Lights? There, you can indulge in museums, architecture, fashion and the special offerings of each of the city’s unique arrondissements (districts). Plus, your philosophical sign will feel right at home in Parisian café culture, where you can sit down and have a proper conversation about the state of the world while you sip your espresso.

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As one of the zodiac’s most particular signs, Virgo journeys are researched exhaustively then planned meticulously. “Be prepared” is not just the Boy Scout motto—it’s the Virgo way of life. Ruled by analytical, data-driven Mercury, your mind is sharp. You may have to stop yourself from playing docent once you arrive on site. But hey, that city guide you’ve studied (and memorized!) will come in handy, ensuring that you don’t miss a single highlight, from the historical museum to the café with the best avocado toast.

Clean, green and serene is your travel trinity! Lodging can be simple but chic, ideally giving you easy access to the outdoors. You adore luxury, too, but prefer if it’s sustainable and environmentally conscious. You may even add a service component to your trip, like bringing goods to an orphanage or helping to build homes. Or your health-conscious sign will travel to run a 5K for charity or do bikini boot camp.

You’re drawn to the mystical in 2023, an introspective year which could lead you to some awe-inspiring sites. Bundle up and head very far north (and off the grid) to the Swedish Lapland for a stunning view of the Northern Lights. Stay in an ice cave overnight, go for a dog sledding ride and spot a literal reindeer.

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Whether you’re camping in an RV or lounging in a five-star resort, Taurus vacations have one main priority: deep relaxation. That’s not to say you don’t love an activity day after you’ve properly unwound. In fact, you’re quite the planner. You’ll arrive at your destination with tickets booked for the symphony and at least one walking tour. But you’ll leave lots of breathing room around those plans—time best used for reading fiction by a lazy river or getting a deep-tissue massage at a haute resort spa. 

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and sensuality, you pay attention to aesthetics. This “eye candy” could be a simple cabin overlooking a cinematic mountain peak. But it could easily be a posh hotel lobby buzzing with stylish, beautiful people. It’s all about what suits your tastes.

As an earth sign, you’re generally more of a landlubber than a seafarer, but in 2023, water soothes the savage Bull. A “voluntourism” trip to Costa Rica could bring a chance to enjoy the natural wonders along with a philanthropic component, like cleaning up a beach or protecting endangered sea turtles.

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It’s hard for busy Capricorns to step away from work, which means trips are usually planned well in advance of your departure date. (Unless, of course, you travel as part of your profession!) But that’s just fine for your methodical sign, since it gives you ample time to research both well-known sites to see and exclusive experiences that the average tourist is bound to overlook. And since Capricorns love anything VIP, it helps to have a few extra months to save up for luxury indulgences, like a day on a yacht or a helicopter ride to a remote island.

Saturn, the ruler of time, is the planet that governs Capricorn, which may explain your sign’s love for locations with a rich history. Of course, that place could be a 16th century cathedral or a 3-billion-year-old mountain range. You’re an earth sign, who appreciates natural wonders as much as you admire great feats of human design

Architecture is ruled by Capricorn and in 2023, you’ll love wandering through districts with gorgeous homes. Mexico City will be quite the draw with its streets lined with saturated colors, including the home of Frida Kahlo, Casa Azul. A short drive northeast will take you to Teotihuacan (AKA “The City of the Gods”) to marvel at pre-Aztec pyramids including the Temples of the Sun and Moon.

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Leisurely Libras come to life when you travel. With so much to do and see, your FOMO kicks in, making you a hard one to keep up with. For this reason, it’s best to travel with independent types who won’t mind when you sail off on the pre-dawn dive boat that they couldn’t wake up for—or you show up late for dinner because you added a seaweed mud wrap and body scrub to your 90-minute massage. If there’s one thing you don’t want to think about when you’re away, it’s the clock!

Nevertheless, romantic travel is totally your sign’s jam. You’re ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and amour, and ideally, you’ll find a simpatico companion who can take part in most of the moments with you. Whether you’re with a lover or a BFF, “oohing and ahhing” over market treasures, beautifully plated meals and killer sunsets is definitely better as a shared experience.

You’re in your element in 2023, a year where Libras thrive as part of a twosome. Indulge your love of music and the arts in a city like Nashville, where you can eat, drink and dance your way through the city with your favorite plus-one.

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Friendly, communal Aquarians love a journey with a social component. Talking to strangers might intimidate others, but not you! In fact, these “random” conversations generally lead to the best part of the trip, which may explain why you have a BFF in every port. Group travel is your jam, whether you’re caravanning with your crew to a special site or meeting up with like minded folks for a mind-expanding retreat. 

As the sign that rules the future, you dig a cutting edge city with high rise buildings (powered by green energy) and a science museum you could get lost in all day. But your space-age sign will be happy to visit a site that miiiiiight have been built by “ancient aliens,” like the pyramids of Egypt or Guatemala. Anywhere with a quirky feature, like a bizarre museum or rare industry, is right up your alley. You’re ruled by innovative, eccentric Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side. The more offbeat the better!

Not only is 2023 the perfect year for a road trip, but you’ll be craving long weekends in cities with unique local flavor. Aquarians will be happy to help “keep Portland weird,” as the slogan goes, by venturing to this Pacific Northwest city known for its independent businesses and activism. More small-batch bourbon and specialty donuts, please!  

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People are a Gemini’s raison d’etre, so who you travel with can make or break the trip. With fun loving, flexible companions, you’ll co-create memories that feed your friendship for years to come. Rule #1: Go light on the pre-planning.  Curious, variety-loving Mercury is your cosmic guardian, and you’d rather wander into a spontaneous discovery than rush through a rigid agenda. Bring a portable charger! You’re bound to lose track of time as you wander from buzzy arts districts to tourist hotspots—and you’ll quickly drain your phone battery snapping all those selfies.

As the zodiac’s flirtiest sign, you’ll charm your way into the hearts of everyone you meet. Before 24 hours pass, you’ll have the inside scoop on secret waterfalls, karaoke bars and shopping districts to check out. There’s never a dull moment for your journeys—day or night. Hey, you’ll sleep when you get back home!

In 2023, you’re a metropolitan maven, making this one of the best years to explore a vibrant and friendly city, like Dublin, Ireland. With its accessible public transportation—including bike rentals—you can easily wind your way through the city’s parks, pubs and markets. Since you love nerding out on history, do plan on checking out the 400-year-old Trinity Library that houses over 7 million books and looks like it was torn from a page of a Harry Potter book.

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Investigative Scorpios are never satisfied with surface experiences, and this immersive ethos extends to your travel style. You prefer to “live like a local” when away from home. Yes, even if that means relying on your translation app to make basic conversation with folks in further-out regions.

No matter where you land, longer stays are the richest ones for Scorpios. This gives you a chance to get comfortable in your surroundings (which, admittedly, can take a minute for your exacting sign), then scout out the area’s hidden jewels without feeling rushed. Scorpios tend to be solo travelers for this very reason. Without demands from friends and family, you can spend hours letting your intuition guide you through the tiny shops tucked along cobblestone streets to the bustling marketplaces where authentic goods are traded. In other words, your trip can be a treasure hunt!

Since Scorpios are the zodiac’s night owls you gravitate towards 24/7 cities like Buenos Aires, where dinner isn’t even served until 10PM. But 2023’s planetary lineup activates your nature-loving streak. Head further off the beaten path and onto the hiking trails of an outdoor wonderland, like Utah’s Zion National Park. After a day spent wandering through the red rock arches and caves, you can unwind underneath a breathtaking “skyline” of twinkling stars.

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Despite your reputation as the zodiac’s homebody, when it’s time to explore the world, Cancer, you become the most intrepid sign of all. You’ll just bring your creature comforts with you! Packing light is not exactly your thing, but try to leave room in your suitcase. Since you’re ruled by the sensitive moon, you absorb the vibes of your surroundings. Once you cue in on the local fashions, you’re bound to add a few pieces to your wardrobe. Plus, treasures from your trips become your favorite home décor.

Whether you’re heading to a beachy yoga retreat or a city known for its architecture and cuisine, you prefer to ease your way into the experience. Before arriving, Cancers like to study the culture, maps and city districts and practice the native language. Longer stays give you a chance to get comfortable with your surroundings and overcome some of your shyness. Solo travel can be surprisingly fun, allowing you to explore freely while setting aside your natural caretaking inclinations. That said, a family journey can be a favorite Cancer pastime, especially if you’re returning to a place that holds nostalgic value in your heart.

In 2023, you may travel for a different purpose altogether: your career. Raise your hand when the company asks for representatives to attend a conference or visit a sister office overseas. Seminars and specialized trainings are another great “excuse” to pack up and go. Join fellow thought-leaders in Austin for SXSW. Even if the company doesn’t cover it, you’ll return home brimming with innovative (and profitable!) ideas.

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Life is but a dream for soulful, imaginative Pisces and you want your sojourns to bring a high dose of magic. What will transport you out of the ordinary? From live theater performances to gazing at natural wonders, you aim for trips that will take your breath away. Ruled by Neptune the god of the seas, you might board a ship, cruising past the Alaskan glaciers or island hopping in the Caribbean. That said, solitude and restoration are important for your sensitive sign. No matter where you go, you’ll need to slip off to your private quarters to chill…and maybe enjoy an in-room spa service or two.

One thing you absolutely can’t stand is to feel rushed while you’re traveling! While others may hurry through a packed itinerary of sites, you might spend hours gazing at a single painting exhibit or meditating and journaling in an ancient temple. It’s all about drinking in the energy of the destination, which could also include long spells of people-watching from your perch at a café or chic cocktail lounge.

Your interest in global traditions heats up in 2023 which could point your spiritual sign to a place like Jerusalem. Step back in time to explore sacred sites from multiple religions. Shop the markets in the Old City, where you’ll find treasures like Israeli Hamsa, Palestinian embroidery or Bedouin cushions.

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