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The Basics Our Team Can’t Live Without: Noa Nichol

January 31, 2023

We all have those certain items—in our closets, on our shoe racks, in our beauty cabinets and throughout our home—that we simply can’t imagine living without. From wardrobe staples to beauty products, home décor pieces and even appliances, we’re asking members of the VITA team to tell us: what are the things in your life that, once worn out, you’d replace in a heartbeat? —Vita Daily

Noa Nichol, editor-in-chief, VITA: “All of my staple items are long-lasting … I’ve had them for years. But, if any were to break or wear out, I’d definitely seek out a replacement. First, my Mejuri large diamond studs; my ears feel naked without them. Second, my suede Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots; they felt like a real investment when I purchased them more than five years ago, but they have been an indispensable part of my wardrobe. They go with everything, and I recommend them to everyone! Third, my TnaBUTTER leggings from Aritzia; you’ll catch me wearing these most days. Fourth, and my most recent discovery, is my basic Kimmy long-sleeve crewneck top from Garage; the perfect fit and length, and looks good dressed down or up. Fifth are my Goody Ouchless elastics, forever in my hair or on my wrist. Sixth, my Tweezerman slant tweezer, which, when dull, can be sent back to the brand for sharpening. And, seventh, my Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro, with suction cups on the bottom that keep it locked to my counter while it whips up my smoothie!”


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