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How Annie Murphy & Dove Are Helping Us Embrace Change

February 24, 2023

Whether it’s falling back in love with your skin after having a baby, or changing the way you view new scars, moles and wrinkles, changes in your skin are inevitable and completely normal. And while we all grapple with change, Dove is working to break down stigmas and shame around the shifts that happen head to toe throughout our lifetime. To help support your happiest skin yet, Dove has launched a new ultra-hydrating body wash innovation that’s been 10 years in the making. “The formula uses nanotechnology, which means that we’ve broken down moisturizing ingredients in a tiny molecule so that they can be delivered where you need them the most,” says Kebrabe Shibeshi, R&D lead at Unilever. “Size matters because it’s able to penetrate deep into your stratum corneum to build strength, protecting you for 24-hours with moisturization.”

Whether you need a hypoallergenic blend for your sensitive skin or favour a hit of refreshment, like cucumber, the Dove Body Wash collection includes a full range of cleansers. To celebrate the launch, Dove is hosting a #ChangeisBeautiful Pop-Up Event at Toronto’s Eaton Centre on February 25 and 26 where they’ll be creating care packages designed to help you feel more comfortable in your skin. Each care package will be $5 and all proceeds will go toward Plan International Canada, an organization that supports children, especially girls, and their rights to education, health, safety, nutrition and disaster relief.

Plus, the #ChangeisBeautiful campaign features a collab with the women who played everyone’s favourite sister: Canadian actor Annie Murphy (yes, the one and only Alexis from Schitt’s Creek!). We caught up with Murphy, who opened up about her role in this feel-good initiative. —Emily MacCulloch & Ingrie Williams of @t.zonebeauty

Why did you want to be a part of the #ChangeisBeautiful project?

“Dove has always been in my life. The messaging always stuck with me and is so much up my alley, which is about inclusivity, body positivity and embracing beauty of all types. I feel like we are aligned in that sense, and I’m really happy to have been asked to be a part of this.”

What beautiful changes have you been through with your skin and how did you handle them?

“I’ve been fairly lucky when it comes to skin stuff over the years. But, I remember very specifically the day that I looked in the mirror, noticed my laugh lines and thought ‘what’s this happening here?’ I had a bit of a moment, a reckoning with myself. After the initial shock wore off, I’ve done my best to enjoy and feel grateful for the changes that are happening in my skin, because they’re inevitable. My laugh lines mean I’ve had a really great time so far and they’re a nice reminder of all of those moments. Everyone has good days and bad days. I don’t always look in the mirror and think ‘10 out of 10, I’m feeling great.’ But I’m appreciating those changes, because they mean that I’m growing older, which means I’m still alive and those are things to be grateful for.”

When do you feel most comfortable in your skin?

“This is a cheeseball answer, but I feel the most comfortable when I’m having a laugh with people that I love. [With my job] I’m not always comfortable in a big hair and makeup moment. [I prefer] sitting on a couch with a best bud and having a laugh.”

Can you share some advice for how someone can become more comfortable in their skin?

“That’s a tough one because it’s such a personal thing. I really do think that beauty starts from the inside in a very, very big way. It’s taken me 36 years to feel comfortable in my skin and sometimes I’m still not. It’s important to work on yourselfdo therapy, figure out what makes you anxious, scared, or unhappy. Truly try to understand who you are and then work outwards, I think that’s the way to go about it. But it’s an individual experience for everybody, that’s just what I’ve done personally. I know the campaign is #ChangeIsBeautiful, and it can be. But I also think change can be really scary and difficult, so being as kind and real with yourself when you’re going through those moments is important.”


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