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Q&A With RIXO Designers & BFFs Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey

February 26, 2023

London Fashion Week has just wrapped, and a highlight for us this season was the RIXO presentation. Designed by best friends Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, the RIXO brand has grown exponentially in the last few years. Their latest collection, called Goddess of the Nile, featured many beautiful gowns and special occasion pieces. RIXO is one of the few size-inclusive brands showcasing at LFW, available in sizes six to 24. We chatted with the designer duo after their presentation to learn more about their beautiful brand. —Lyndi Barrett

Congratulations on your latest collection! What was this season’s inspiration?

Orlagh: I’m a huge fan of art-deco, which is largely inspired by ancient Egypt, so this is where the inspiration started really. My design team and I began with researching everything from fashion to ceramics and materials from the era and brainstorming on different ways to put incorporate our RIXO DNA.

There were so many incredible fabrics and embellishments featured in this collection. Why did you focus on more special occasion garments for this season?

Henrietta: We’ve noticed that our customers love, sequins and embellishmenttrue party styles! The AW season is all about a dress for a big occasion and our customers want to feel extra special. 

The show location was beautiful. How did the space add to the collection story?

Henrietta: The space complemented the collection perfectly with its tall ceilings, palm trees and dark wood. The chandeliers felt really Egyptian like!

Tell us about your design process, and how you two collaborate on the collection.

Henrietta: As the business has grown, Orlagh and I have focused on different areas, coming together as joint CEOs for the business side of RIXO. I look after all the marketing, creative and wholesale teams whilst Orlagh looks after design, buying, merchandising. As RIXO has grown over the past eight years, we’ve had to divide and conquer! 

RIXO is one of the few brands showcasing during London Fashion Week that creates garments from sizes six to 24; is this an important part of the brand identity?

Henrietta: Expanding our size range was incredibly important for us both. RIXO is about making all women feel amazing, and being able to dress even more women was a huge moment for us, we want anyone to feel like they can be a #humansofRIXO! 

How does sustainability factor into your business?

Henrietta: We produce everything in small runs to ensure we don’t have excess stock sat in our warehouse and also eliminate the need to go into sale. It’s really important for us to encourage our customer to buy less and wear more, rather than over consuming because items are discounted or because we’re constantly adding newness onto the site. We recently changed our business model to launch in monthly drops (previously twice weekly) so our customer can see everything that we’ll be selling that month, and choose their purchasing decisions wisely.

RIXO has dressed many celebrities. Who were you most excited about wearing your designs?

Henrietta: We’ve been so lucky to have so many incredible women wearing our designs but personal highlights for me include Margot Robbie, Julia Roberts, Hailey Bieber. 

RIXO has grown significantly since it was founded in 2015. What are you excited about next for your brand?

Henrietta: There’s so many exciting things happening in 2023 that it’s difficult to choose just one, our gowns and true elevated occasions wear is category we’re expanding on this year. It’s been amazing seeing our design team’s work come into fruition with these more elevated pieces!


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