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Now You Can Experience AirSculpt Body Contouring In Toronto

March 3, 2023

Toronto is home to the first international location of Elite Body Sculpture, an exclusive provider of the much-hyped Airsculpt experience: the newest and next-generation body contouring treatment.

Located in the tony neighbourhood of Yorkville (with designs to open their next location in London, U.K.), the premium body contouring provider wanted to create an ambiance that felt less like a sterile clinic and more like a Zen spa experience: upon entrance, clients are met with tranquil lighting, a marbled reception, exposed brick walls and sophisticated, yet relaxed, furnishings. You can even create your own Spotify playlist during your procedure!

Making clients comfortable was purposeful. While this procedure has been done over 35,000 times, people still feel reticent; embarrassed even walking into a clinic asking for fat reduction. For the staff and doctors at Elite, it is imperative that people feel welcomed and not ashamed. Consultations are detailed and thoroughly discussed to provide custom body contouring precisely tailored to a person’s body type and desired outcome.

Not every request for procedures is immediately accepted, either; at Elite Body Sculpture, the ambition isn’t to change the entirety of someone’s body but to enhance and improve upon what they’ve already got. “This is not meant to be a fix-all,” says Dr. Aaron Rollins, founder of Elite Body Sculpture and inventor of AirSculpt. “We take a more holistic approach in conjunction with clients following a full health program. We want people to feel good in their skin, and sometimes even those who commit to a good diet, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always enough.”

Developed by Dr. Aaron Rollins, a surgeon who saw the need for a gentler, pain-free alternative to traditional fat removal procedures after witnessing the extensive damage these treatments inflicted. His vision was to create a highly effective, minimally invasive treatment for removing unwanted fat and contouring the body. AirSculpt is designed to optimize comfort and precision with a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat and tightens skin while sculpting targeted areas of the body, allowing for quick healing with minimal bruising, tighter skin and precise skin results.

Removing the barriers of pain and fear was essential to allow for a procedure delivered in a relaxing, non-surgical atmosphere. It’s minimally invasive, with no general anesthesia. Clients can walk in and walk out within hours. “We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our first international centre in Toronto,” he says. “We’re excited to offer Canadians the dramatic transformation and premium experience that only Elite Body Sculpture can deliver.” —Lara Ceroni


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