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Top Tech Travel Tools For Peace Of Mind On The Home Front

March 7, 2023

Travel is steadily on the rise, with the number of Canadians returning by air nearly doubling in November 2022 versus. 2021 and the overall Canadian Air passenger count increasing by 82 per cent on January 1 compared to the same date in 2019! In fact, our friends at Best Buy Canada saw luggage sales double this holiday versus last year, and sales triple compared to two years ago. Clearly, even with tighter wallets and not-so-smooth holiday travel on Canadians’ minds, families and individuals are still gearing up to travel this March for spring break. Kayak has found that international flight searches are up 100% compared to last year, calling it the year of revenge travel! Whether you are planning mini road trips or are going big to make up for lost time, Best Buy Canada has several innovative new products and services, which we will present to you in a four-part weekly series leading up to March break, to make travel smoother. —Vita Daily

Get Peace of Mind on the Home Front

With more travel, Canadians like to have peace of mind that their empty homes are protected. Using products like the examples below, Spring Break-ers can check on deliveries, turn lights on and off, and be notified of any smoke or suspicious activity.

security + smart doorbells. Still waiting on that much needed package? Having a friend stop by to water the plants? By using a Wi-Fi video doorbell like this Google Nest, you’ll get notified about a person, package or vehicle—and even use two-way communication to speak. Indoor/outdoor cameras like this Ring Stick Up Cam let you check on your home from anywhere using your tablet or phone, and will send real-time notifications.

smart lighting. Create the appearance of a busy home by using Smart Lighting to your advantage. Using Philips Hue bulbs, you can turn the lights off and on remotely, create schedules for times when you’re away, and more.

smoke + carbon monoxide. The Google Nest Protect Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm connects with your smartphone and will notify you the moment it senses something out of the ordinary at home.


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