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5 Unscientific Reasons The Moon May Impact Your Mood

March 8, 2023

While there is limited scientific evidence to suggest that the moon has a direct impact on human mood, some people do believe that it can influence how they feel. Here are five potential reasons why the moon may affect your mood. —Vita Daily

Lunar cycles and menstrual cycles: Some studies have suggested that there may be a connection between the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle, with some women reporting that they experience changes in mood and energy levels during different phases of the moon.

Moon phases and sleep patterns: Some people believe that they sleep better during certain phases of the moon, which can impact their mood and energy levels during the day.

Moon phases and seasonal affective disorder (SAD): For people who experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), changes in the amount of daylight can trigger symptoms of depression. Some people believe that changes in the moon’s phases may also play a role in triggering SAD.

Full moon and erratic behaviour: The full moon is often associated with stories of increased crime rates and erratic behaviour. While there is little scientific evidence to support these claims, some people may feel more anxious or on edge during a full moon.

Cultural beliefs and superstitions: Across many cultures, the moon is associated with different beliefs and superstitions that can impact how people feel. For example, some people believe that a full moon is a time of heightened emotions or that certain phases of the moon are more auspicious than others.


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