Canadian Women Changemakers Making A Difference On YouTube: Alexandra Gater

March 8, 2023

To mark International Women’s Day, we’re introducing you to some inspiring YouTube creators who are shaping our shared future for the better. Although they come from different communities and industries, these women are working to spark significant change through their channels. From sustainable shopping to changing the game for renters to sharing the experience of Muslim women through music, each uses their voice and talents to advance social causes. Meet Alexandra Gater. —Noa Nichol

Please tell us a little bit about yourself to start.

I’m Alexandra — a home decor YouTuber in Toronto. Before starting my YouTube Channel, I was the Home Editor for Canada’s iconic women’s lifestyle magazine Chatelaine, where I created the YouTube series The Home Primp, which launched her online career. Since then, I’ve connected with millions through her online home makeover series who are just like me—people living in rentals who still want those rentals to feel like home. My goal is to show everyone that it is possible to have a beautiful home, no matter the budget and decorating experience. 

How did you achieve (and continue to maintain) your amazing YouTube following/fame?

Like any small business, it’s a rollercoaster (in the best way) but I think a lot of my success comes from the niche I’ve carved out for myself which is helping renters/first time home owners have a beautiful space. Working in publishing as the Home editor of a lifestyle magazine, I saw a huge gap in the work of home decor and I’ve tried to bridge that with my approachable makeover series. 

What do you like about YouTube as a platform (as opposed to other forms of social media) and how do you use that platform to influence and inspire those that follow you, and to create social change?

I love long form content and I love connecting my audience of like-minded people and YouTube makes both of those things possible. I love that I can make my own rules and create the content I want to inspire my audience as much as possible. 

What topics do you cover/share most? Where do your passions lie?

Home decor! 

Have you ever had to deal with haters/naysayers on social media? If so, what’s your approach?

Yes, of course! I’ve had many moments where haters/naysayers on the internet have had a hold on my mental health but I try my best to use it as fuel to keep going. If the comments are about something personal, like my body for example, I highlight how those affect me in hopes that I can help others who may be dealing with similar issues. 

What have some of the highlights of being so prominent on YouTube been for you?

Building my dream career and a team full of people who are my best friends. I now have a team of seven people, and working with them to create videos we are proud of is the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life, to date. 

March 8 is International Women’s Day; what is the significance to you, and how are you using your voice to create change, establish community and help women and girls feel seen and understood?

I am very open about how I am not a registered interior designer. I also didn’t go to business school, but have created a huge business that I’m so proud of. I hope that I can help inspire women and girls to do whatever they set their mind to. 

With so many people following you on YouTube, who are some of your favourite female accounts to follow?

So many amazing Canadian creators! DIY Danie, The Sorry Girls, Birds of Papaya, Jillian Harris, the list goes on!


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