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5 Heatless Hairstyles To Try Now

March 27, 2023

Whether you use a straightener daily or enjoy switching up your colour, having fun with your hair usually results in some damage. To prevent breakage and thinning, styling your hair without hot tools is a great way to give your mane a break. It can also take less time than conventional styling! Here are five products that make styling your hair without damaging tools possible. —Maddie Clerides

Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Curling Set is an easy and damage-free way to achieve overnight curls. The satin fabric further prevents breakage and eliminates frizz, too. Simply pop the satin rod on the top of your head, secure it if necessary, and get wrapping! Secure at the bottom with the scrunchies provided.

Bunnies GelCurler employs the same method as the Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set, but with a comfortable gel bead rod that retains low, non-damaging heat. Simply heat up the GelCurler in the microwave and wrap your hair around it as you please. There are lots of techniques for this, and the Bunnies website even has video tutorials.

The good old-fashioned trick of sleeping in damp braids still holds true. Slipsilk Skinny Scrunchies are the perfect accessory to secure your braids with, so your hair won’t get funky creases at the bottom. For beach waves, opt for only one or two loose braids and finish with a product to ensure they stay sleek like Dae’s Prickly Pear Hair Oil. If you like a more crimped look, just keep adding braids.

Goody Flexible Rod Rollers may not be the most sleep-friendly option, but they certainly create beautiful, heat-free curls. Many hairstylists take these flexible rods and put them in socks before rolling them into the hair, which makes them more comfortable but also creates bouncier curls. There are infinite ways to place and style these!

These Satin Wrapped Flexi Rods by Kitsch combine the anti-frizz power of satin, a bit of cushion for comfort, and the flexible rod concept to create a multi-use product. Spiral them all around your head or methodically wrap them and secure.


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