2023 Wedding Trends From An Etsy Expert

May 15, 2023

As the wedding gift-giving industry evolves and more people shop with intention, Etsy’s new wedding registry experience allows couples to register for truly meaningful gifts, often personalized or one-of-a-kind. In fact, Etsy has seen a staggering 872 per cent increase in searches on Etsy for handmade gifts—a sure sign that couples and their guests are moving away from mass-produced gifts. For other 2023 wedding insights, we turned to Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. —Noa Nichol

Hello again Dayna! Today we’re talking weddings … and Etsy! Tell us about the new Etsy Registry experience!

Etsy Registry is a new wedding gifting experience that allows couples to register for truly meaningful gifts. In addition to handmade and vintage items—from kitchen and dining essentials to bedding, bath and even pet itemscouples can also register for personalized items and specify the exact customization for their guests, all while supporting small businesses. 

What do couples need to do to register, and how do guests purchase gifts for them?

Couples can visit to easily create, manage, and share their registries, and then easily add items to their registries from any Etsy item page by clicking the ‘add to registry’ button (which will appear once you have already created an Etsy Registry). If a couple adds specific customization or personalization details in the fields on the listing page and then clicks to  ‘add to registry’,  the customizations will be pulled through and saved to their registry.

Purchasing a gift on Etsy Registry is seamless and simple. Shoppers can browse the registry and once they find the gift that’s right for them, simply take the following steps: tap the ‘Select’ button beneath the item, click ‘Add to Cart’ in the sidebar, view your cart, and proceed to checkout!

Are people buying more handmade wedding gifts on Etsy these days? What does that tell you about wedding gift trends?

In the last three months alone on Etsy, we’ve seen a staggering 872% increase in searches for handmade gifts (compared to the same time last year) as modern couples leave traditional wedding gifting behind. We know that couples are looking for items that reflect their personal tastes and stand out from the crowd, while wedding guests are making more intentional purchases with their values in mind. Etsy Registry enables users to curate unique wedding collections that are anything but cookie-cutter – plus, everyone can feel good about supporting small businesses. 

What’s the best part about gifting Etsy products for weddings, in your opinion?

Etsy is home to millions of unique and personalized items that are made by real people around the world, allowing shoppers to find wedding gifts that are so much more memorable and unique than the typical cookie-cutter present. The breadth and quality of items on Etsy means that shoppers can find truly meaningful gifts at every price point.

You’re also celebrating the launch of Etsy Registry with the reveal of your annual 2023 wedding trend guide. Can you tell us: what are the 2023 wedding trends to watch?

  • Lovecore: Lovecore is the latest aesthetic gaining traction on social media, characterized by heart patterns, roses and the colours red and pink.
  • Western weddings: Part coastal cowgirl, part Vegas elopement, the western-themed wedding trend is gaining popularity as a laid-back and unconventional style that allows couples to have fun with their big day while encouraging guest participation in the dress code.
  • Statement accessories: There’s a growing trend of brides focusing on statement accessories for their weddings, sometimes even making them the focus of their look over the dress.
  • Love story gifts: As shoppers move away from generic wedding gifts towards more thoughtful and meaningful options, custom gifts that celebrate the happy couple’s unique love story are rising in popularity.
  • Rings with character: Couples are moving away from cookie-cutter engagement rings and wedding bands, opting instead for pieces that speak to their individual personalities and values.
  • Oversized florals: Rosettes and other oversized floral appliqués are a gorgeous way to add texture and romance to any wedding day look. Coming off the heels of the recent rosecore trend, these charming nature-inspired accents are having a big influence on bridal style, from wedding dresses to jewelry and veils adorned with 3D floral accents.
  • Creative programs: Couples are having fun with out-of-the-box wedding programs that go way beyond providing their guests with an itinerary of the day (or multi-event wedding weekend), opting for elaborate, often editorial-style programs that can be customized with photos, stories and memories and serve as a memento of the big day.

If you had to pick just one for a soon-to-be-married friend, what Etsy creation would you gift?

I think a custom piece of artwork, such as a custom couple portrait, pet portrait, or an illustration of their home or special place with sentimental value, is such a thoughtful and personal gift that the couple will cherish every time they see it on their wall.


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